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The Admiral collected the ships about six o'clock, and brought to under his main-sail on the larboard tack, having all his other sails furled, and his top-gallant yards and masts lowered down.

Don't I see the blue flames come out of your hawse holes? mayhap you may be the devil himself, for aught I know but I trust in the Lord, d'ye see I never disrated a kinsman, d'ye see, so don't come alongside of me put about on th'other tack, d'ye see you need not clap hard a-weather, for you'll soon get to hell again with a flowing sail."

The colored drawing of a patent derrick, fastened to the wall by a tack at each corner of the paper, had broken loose at one end, and was curling over on itself like a withered leaf.

Cayke must first write a Proclamation and tack it to the door of her house, and the Proclamation must read that whoever stole the jeweled dishpan must return it at once." "But suppose no one returns it," suggested Cayke. "Then," said the Frogman, "that very fact will be proof that no one has stolen it." Cayke was not satisfied, but the other Yips seemed to approve the plan highly.

At 6 saw it extending from North by West to West by North, distant 5 or 6 Leagues; at 8 tack'd, and stood to the Eastward till 12; then again to the Westward, standing 4 hours on one tack, and 4 on the other. At Noon very cloudy; had no observation; saw the land extending from North by West to West by North.

"Are you afraid to speak to him?" asked Polly. Not exactly, . . . ."she spoke as when The stars sang in their spheres. "Stung by this inquiry, I leaned out of the window till and cried, "Halloo, there! What are you doing?" "Look out he don't shoot you," called out Polly from the other window, suddenly going on another tack.

"That'll tempt the herds to cross over," urged the Running W man. "The faraway hills are always green." The conversation took a new tack. "Who knows the estimate on the total drive this year?" inquired a swarthy, sun-burned little man, addressing the pock-marked foreman. "A rough estimate places the drive at six hundred and fifty thousand head," came the languid reply.

Wilder still stood upon the thwart, straining his eyes to read each sign that a seaman understands; nor did he appear to find much pleasure in the task. "We will drift ahead," he said, "and, as the ship is lying on a different tack, we may yet gain a position that will leave us masters of our future movements." To this his companions knew not well how to make any objections.

"I can walk over the same ground on one tack as on the other," said Barnstable, "and make both legs of a length." "It will not do," returned the pilot. "If you fall off a point to starboard from east-and-by-north, in going large, you will find both rocks and points of shoals to bring you up; and beware, as I tell you, of the starboard tack."

Still the frigate stood undauntedly on; as she approached Cape Serpet, it was feared that she would not be able to weather it without making a tack, but the wind shifting so as to admit her lying up two points, she scraped clear of the cape, under a heavy fire from the batteries.

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