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A gentleman, too, sir: leastways he talks like one, though dressed like a private soldier. He won't give his name." Jim's tone was an aggrieved one. "Thank you: that's quite right. You may go home to bed, if you wish: but be ready for a call. I may want you later on." "Be this all you want of me?" Jim was evidently disappointed. "I fear so." "P'rhaps you don't know it, sir, but Hodgson's gone.

Of course, I admit she's given you a perfectly good reason for breaking off your engagement if you like. Mind that. We don't feel aggrieved, Calder. Act as you think best. We admit we're in the wrong, but we must stand by what we've done." "I shouldn't like to give her any pain " "Pain! Oh, dear me, no, my dear boy. She won't fret. Make your mind easy about that."

"That is managed first rate," Bob said. "There wasn't the least noise. I made sure Wharton would have dropped his shoes." "Why should I drop them, more than anyone else?" Wharton asked in an aggrieved voice. "I don't know, Billy. The idea occurred to me. I didn't think anyone else would do it, but I quite made up my mind that you would."

There was a certain aggrieved dignity about her, and a generally superior tone of self- consciousness even in the curtsey which she dropped respectfully, as she returned Walden's kindly nod and glance. "Good morning, Mrs. Spruce!" "Good morning, sir! I trust I see you well, sir?" "Thank you, Mrs. Spruce, I am very well." "Which is a mercy indeed!" said Mrs.

There are some who feel aggrieved that chapters from the Apocrypha should have found admission to our new lectionary, and there are even those who think that of the canonical Scriptures, passages more edifying than certain of those appointed to be read might have been chosen, but what would they think if they were compelled to hear the minister at the lecturn say: "Here beginneth the first chapter of the Adventures of Philip the Fair"?

Why don't you say what you have to say in English?" "It is English," declared the Ki-Wi, in an aggrieved voice, "and very good English too." "Of course it is," chimed in the Sage. "Well we don't understand it, anyhow," maintained Dick. "It doesn't seem to mean anything at all." "Perhaps, Dick, dear," said Marjorie, "Mr. Sage will explain it to us. Let's see it began "

Formerly allowance was made out of neighborly regard for the parents of bothersome boys, but among the flat-dwellers of today proximity means alienation, familiarity breeds contempt, and far from being neighbors, those who live across the hall or above or below are aggrieved persons who have to put up with the noise of an unknown rascal whose parents, like themselves, occupy temporarily these restricted quarters these homes attenuated beyond recognition.

If people did not like Sadie he accepted it as a fact, but not as a thing to be aggrieved about. He could wait for Sadie to grow, and others must wait also. In the meantime, Luther watched Elizabeth and desired growth for her; her smallest movement was of interest to him. Elizabeth as a mother was a new feature.

He had honestly thought that the pretty, strange girl must like his close contact, and he felt aggrieved that this other young man, who did not smell of leather and carried no dinner-pail, had ousted him. He viewed Maria's delicate profile with a sort of angry tenderness. "Say, she's a beaut, ain't she?" whispered the man beside him, with a malicious grin, and again got a surly growl in response.

From being merely merry in a fashion somewhat tempered by the ugly, threatening muzzle of a pistol, he became almost friendly; from friendly he became aggrieved, moaning over the insult that a breekless Highlander had put on him; then the sentimental mood seized him, and he wept maudlin tears over the ingratitude and neglect shown to him by his superior officers; finally, in the attempt to sing a most dolorous song, he rolled off his seat and lay on his back, snorting.