Within the wall, and backed by it, save where the gap had been broken, stood a group of roofless and half-dismantled outbuildings which our three officers studied in sheer amazement. "What on earth is the meaning of this?" "Married quarters," answered Sergeant Topase curtly. "You won't want 'em." "Married quarters?" "Leastways, that's what they was until three days ago.

"By our pullin' on the lariats an' thar takin' advantage o' ev'ry footgrip, they might do it. Leastways we kin try it." "It's a desperate chance," said the hunter, "but I think with you, Tom, that it's worth trying. Now, boys, make fast the packs to the last strap, and up we go."

"Ship Inn." "What?" Captain Tobias paused in the act of picking up the nine-gallon jar. "Drinks on the premises?" "Lashin's." "What a world o' fuss that arrangement do save! Here! " to the porter who stood checking the articles deposited "this goes into hold wi' the rest. Contents, rum, an' don't you forget it, my son; leastways, pr'aps I'd better say, don't you remember it."

"Well, those are pretty long hours," said Gordon. "Seems to me they had better be shortened. I shall " "Them's the usual hours," interrupted the old man, positively. "I've been trustee now for goin' on twenty-six year, an' th'ain't never been any change in 'em. An' I ain't see as they've ever been too long leastways, I never see as the scholars ever learned too much in 'em.

I'm a waiter there, and I can put you wise to a lot of things. Chin, Chin! 'Cheerio, answered Dick, as the energetic corporal disappeared. 'I'm gettin' 'ard o' 'earin', said the old groom. 'Leastways I ain't sure I 'eerd 'im correct. Wot did 'e say?

Bunny, 'Mary, I said, 'don't you go to hear him; leastways, sit by the door if you must, and don't stop for the sermon: it might make that impression it would do the babe a mischief." "Go to chapel; it is nearer. And take Mrs. Bunny with you," said Mr. Carnegie. "No, sir. Mrs. Wiley has been very kind in calling and taking notice since I have been laid up, and one good turn deserves another.

"Any news, Shag? What sort? Come, speak up, you rascal!" "Well, sah, Colonel, yo' done tell me, when we come heah, not t' trouble yo' wif any detective news, but " "Oh, that was before I got mixed up in this Darcy case, Shag. The prohibition is off, so to speak. If you have any news " "No, sah, Colonel, 'tisn't 'bout po' ole Miss Darcy leastways not much about her.

You did call? Well, you might have shouted then, so a man could hear. Blowing a gale and all.... Leastways, you might have waved a hand." "I'd no hand to wave," answers Axel. "You saw how 'twas with me, shut down and locked in all ways." "Nay, that I'll swear I didn't. Well, I never heard. Here, let me carry those things." Oline puts in: "Leave him alone. He's hurt and poorly."

It occurred to me that he might have been making inquiries at Raikes's farm; so, finding him out when I called at Leastways Cottage on Wednesday evening, I walked over there by the fields, hoping to meet him. But there was no sign of him, and I hesitated to go right up to the farm itself. As I walked away, I met an aged rustic, who leered at me cunningly.

The women work as hard as the men, harder perhaps, and get brown and scorched up in no time not that they've got much good looks to lose; leastways none we ever saw. We could always tell the German farmers' places along the road from one of our people by looking outside the door.