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Father wont let me play marbles in ernest. it aint enny fun dreening a feller and then giving them back. i bet father didnt when he was a boy. Mar. 19. Scott Briggam brought my squirrel today and i paid him 35 cents, 3 ten cents scrips and five cents. i have got it in a bird cage.

"I dassant!" "Oh, bother! What y' 'fraid of?" "What business have I got to eat your dinner? This aint your wood-pile." "Say, if you don't come in I'll I dunno what!" "Bring it out here, it's warm." "I won't do it; you've got to come in; the old man's gone up town and mother won't throw you out. There isn't anybody in the kitchen. Come on now," she pleaded.

"Say, Jonathan, you certainly have a wonderful gift for interpretin' Scripture." "Well, Scripture or no Scripture, I want you, Hepsey." "Am I to understand that you're just fadin' and pinin' away for love of me? You don't look thin." "Oh, we 'aint neither of us as young as we once was, Hepsey. Of course I can't be expected to pine real hard."

He worked the land too hard, and didn't put on it anywhere near what he had ought to; I guess you'll find it pretty poor in some places. He was trying to get all he could out of it, I s'pose. There's a good deal of fencing to be done too, aint there?" "All that there was, Sir, I have done none since I came." "Seth Plumfield got through ploughing yet?" "We found him at it."

Aunt Patsy turned her great spectacles full upon him, and then she said: "You, Isham, ef eber you gits a call to preach to folks, you jus' sing out: 'Oh, Lor', I aint fit! And den you go crack your head wid a mill-stone, fur fear you git called agin, fru mistake."

"Ye haven't had much to do with Injuns, lad, but I should have thought you'd have had better sense nor that. Haven't these Injuns been a-murdering and a-slaying along the frontier all the summer, falling on defenseless women and children? Marcy and pity aint in their natur, and, fight or no fight, our scalps will dry in their wigwams if they get us into their power.

As the machine had been there before, we were greeted as friends. The old negro porter is a character, quite the irresponsible head of the entire establishment. "Law's sakes! you heah agen? glad to see you; whar you come from dis time? Rochester! No, foh sure? dis mawning? you doan say so; that jes' beats me; to think I live to see a thing like that; it's a reg'lar steam-engine, aint it?"

Look out fur yourself, fur it's likely that the Yankees have posted sentries all along the river, and if they chuck you into the guard-house, there's no telling when they will turn you loose. It might put you to some trouble to prove that you aint a Confederate spy. And when you get into Middle River t'other side of Plymouth, you will find a friend on the bank who will tell you what to do."

He heard nothing but the deep snores of Duncan, and instantly fixed on him as a chief culprit. "Duncan!" No reply; but calm stertorous music from Duncan's bed. "Duncan!" he said, still louder and more sternly, "you sleep soundly, sir, too soundly; get up directly," and he laid his hand on the boy's arm. "Get away, you old donkey," said Duncan sleepily; "'t, aint time to get up yet.

"Clar out o' yere, you, Han an' Scip," she cried, addressing two small urchins of dusky hue and driving them before her as she spoke, "dere aint no room yere fo' you, an' kitchens aint no place for darkies o' your size or sect. I'll fling de dishcloth at yo' brack faces ef yo' comes in agin fo' you sent for.