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Then she stretched her white arms above her head, stretched the long muscles of her body, as a panther stretches. She was very, very beautiful.... He stood watching.... The ship lurched. It reeled against a huge wave, shivering it into roaring spume. The wet fingers of the wind had wrapped her garments about her, every fold tight against her rounded body.

"What's the matter?" asked a testy old gentleman in the stage, of Joel who, in his anxiety to see both sides of the road at once, bobbed the old gentleman in the face so often as the stage lurched, that at last he knocked his hat over his eyes.

He dropped the tumbler, lurched towards the woman at the door, and then making a half-turn in accordance with the motion of the vessel, fell into his bunk, and snored like a grampus. Sarah Purfoy watched him for a few minutes, and then having blown out the light, stepped out of the cabin, and closed the door behind her.

"I can't threaten a woman, but I can pummel a man; and if I meet George Lerton again, I am liable to forget what Jim Farland told me and use my own methods." He walked on through the tiny ravine. He came to a cross path, and a man lurched down it and against him. "Beg pardon!" Prale murmured. "Wonder you wouldn't look where you're going!" the other exclaimed.

"I'll turn Christian I want to be loved," he bleated from the doorway. "Roll on, proud porpoise!" she rejoined, which shows that her conversation was not quite aristocratic at all times. "Golly, but she's a gold dollar in a gold bank," remarked Jesse Bulrush warmly as he lurched into the street. The girl stood still in the middle of the room looking dreamily down the way the two men had gone.

The buggy lurched, the horses leaped forward; Oliver Swinnerton's surprised torrent of curses was lost in the rattle of wheels, his red face obscured in the swirling dust. "I wonder what he was driving at?" muttered Conniston as he watched the horses race down the road. Jimmie Kent, reining his horse aside as Swinnerton swept by him, smiled and called, pleasantly: "Good-by, Oliver.

"We walked to and fro before the house. 'I saw your husband to-day, I told her." "'He said so, she answered. 'It was pleasant for him to talk with an old comrade." "One window in the house was lighted, with a curtain drawn across it. As we paused, I saw the shadow of a man on the curtain a man who lurched and pressed both hands to his head.

For a moment the two combatants lurched apart. Will was the first to recover himself. A white rage surged up within him, and he felt his veins prickle, his sinews tighten. A new access of nervous energy seemed to flow into him, and he imagined his strength had been suddenly doubled. The ruffian's hands struck out both together wildly. Will's chance had come, and he grasped it.

There was no time for hesitation. Snatching up the iron-shod handspike, Jack rushed straight at the forecastle door. Just then the ship lurched far down and he was shot headlong, like falling off the roof of a house. He had the momentum of a battering-ram. The sentry yelled and drew his cutlass with a swiftness amazing in a sick man.

"Oh, no, no she's much better she's all right, really. There we've passed it!" he exclaimed, as if that made all the difference. Her hand remained in his, and as the carriage lurched across the gang-plank onto the ferry he bent over, unbuttoned her tight brown glove, and kissed her palm as if he had kissed a relic.