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Smith snapped his teeth together impatiently, snatching his watch from his pocket and glancing at it. "I am vested with the necessary powers. I will give you a written order, sir." "The proceeding savors of paganism. Such a course might be admissible in China, in Burma " "Do you weigh a life against such quibbles? Do you suppose that, granting MY irresponsibility, Dr.

To the scholars he gathered round him he seemed the very type of a scholar, snatching every hour he could find to read or listen to books read to him.

Then Gaspar came to Bertha's love for the knight their journey on the river to the huge hand rising and snatching the jewel from Undine's soft fingers, while the knight's love grew cold.

Too terrified to move, she watched, with white face and parted lips, the maddened animal sweep toward her, head down and tail up, its hoofs beating a thunderous tattoo on the plain. Will had been asleep, but the commotion brought him to his feet, and snatching up his rifle, he ran toward the little girl, aimed and fired at the buffalo.

I hadn't the fare for a ride on the surface or elevated cars, where I might have found an opportunity to relieve some traveller of his purse, and as for snatching such a thing from some shopper, it was Sunday and the women who would have been an easy prey on a bargain-day carried neither purse nor side-bag with them. I was in despair, and then the pealing bells of St.

Even as she did it, a wretched dwarf sprang into the circle without a word, and, snatching the cup out of the flames, jumped back again into the darkness, peering into it with a hollow laugh. As he did so a soldier raised a heavy stick to throw at him; but the girl caught him by the arms, and said, with a hoarse pathos, "My God, no, Alphonse! It is my brother!"

She was feebly beating the air with her hands, her eyes were distended, and her cheeks and lips had the ashen color which I had learned to associate with my own little mother's frequent attacks. Filled with remorse, I flew to her side and lowered her gently into an arm chair which stood near. Snatching her handbag I opened it and took out a little bottle of volatile salts which I knew she carried.

"Oh, Kitty," said Isabel, angrily, "don't touch my flowers! you will spoil them!" and snatching them from her, she replaced them in the box, and deposited them in the bureau, and locked them up an action which Gertrude witnessed with astonishment, mingled with indignation. "Kitty," said she, "I will arrange a wreath of natural flowers for you, if you wish."

Andy uttered several pieces of original eloquence on "the law's delay." "Well, anyhow," said he, "I'll drink your health, my darling girl, this day, as Lady Scatterbrain for you must consider yourself as sitch." "Behave yourself, my lord," said Oonah, archly. "Bother!" cried Andy, snatching another kiss. "Hillo!" cried Dick Dawson, entering at the moment, and seeing the romping-match.

Here, on the right, an Athenian protecting himself from attack with his shield, is leading a wounded man from the field, and to the right a male figure is bearing off a body, from which a central Amazon is snatching a shield. On the next slab , two Amazons are engaged with two Athenians.

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