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"Oh yes, you will. My father will be here in a moment." "Well, not until then, anyhow. You're getting to be the sweetest girl." She did not resist, but remained gazing half nervously, half dreamily at him, whereupon he smoothed her cheek, and then kissed her. Her father's returning step put an end to this; but from this point on ascent or descent to a perfect understanding was easily made.

A little after nine o'clock, Mrs. Avenel lighted a candle, and placing it in Leonard's hand, said, "You must be tired, you know your own room now. Good-night." Leonard took the light, and, as was his wont with his mother, kissed Mrs. Avenel on the cheek. Then he took John's hand and kissed him too. The old man was half asleep, and murmured dreamily, "That's Nora."

The other man idly pushed back his artificial bald head, revealing close red hair, and spoke dreamily, perhaps under the influence of Basil's admirable Burgundy. "It's wonderful how common it's getting, gentlemen. Our office is busy from morning till night. I've no doubt you've often knocked up against us before. You just take notice.

'What are you here for? says he. 'Why, says Rickets, in his off-hand way, for he always had great confidence, 'to fetch Sue." "The old man used to wear brass toes to keep his boots from wearing out," said Mr. Lincoln, dreamily. "You see," continued Mr. Lincoln, "you see the galoot knew that Jim Rickets wasn't to be trusted with Susan Bell."

Now he felt for her a tenderness he had not known for a long time. He seemed still to feel twined round his neck the baby's soft little arms. "Are you comfy?" he asked. She looked up at him, gave a slight smile, and nodded. They gazed into the fire dreamily, without speaking to one another. At last she turned round and stared at him curiously.

"Ah!" he replied, with a sigh of self-distrust: "hope is one matter, and belief another." "Dost fear some ill work, trow?" she asked doubtfully. John Laurence did not answer at once. He spoke after a minute, dreamily, as if to himself; a habit to which Agnes was now quite accustomed. "`Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

Andrews lost track of the talk again, staring dreamily through half-closed eyes down the long straight street, where greens and violets and browns merged into a bluish grey monochrome at a little distance.

For the first time Provost Wayne was silent, and stood gazing dreamily at the floor. Evening was closing in, and the room had grown darker. "I know," he said, in a strange, almost sleepy voice, "there is truth in what you say, too. It is hard not to laugh at the common names I only say we should not. I have thought of a remedy; but such thoughts are rather terrible."

Still looking into the eye of the sun and smiling dreamily, he thought how he had helped to burn his father in effigy, and his look grew merrier, till at last he broke out into a laugh. Exactly at this moment the light veil of cloud parted from the sun, and he was brought to terra firma by the breaking forth of the sunshine.

Mike said defiantly: "But still it woulda been easier to get it up there if it'd been built for guys like me!" Nobody contradicted him. He was right. Anyhow every one of them felt too much relaxed and relieved to enter into argument. Haney said dreamily: "Everything broke right. Everything! They got in a jet stream like they expected, and it gave 'em three hundred miles extra east-speed.