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Harry was of a strong military turn, drilled the little negroes on the estate and caned them like a corporal, having many good boxing-matches with them, and never bearing malice if he was worsted; whereas George was sparing of blows and gentle with all about him.

Of all his conflicts with the men, this was the first in which Jermin had been worsted; and he was proportionably enraged. Upon going below as the steward afterward told us he bluntly informed Guy that, for the future, he might look out for his ship himself; for his part, he had done with her, if that was the way he allowed his officers to be treated.

The outer garments exposed to view were, a rough fox-skin cap upon his head, from under which appeared the edge of a red worsted nightcap; a red plush waistcoat, with large metal buttons; a jacket of green cloth, over which he wore another of larger dimensions of coarse blue cloth, which came down as low as what would be called a spencer.

But the gods were soon worsted all on a sudden, and the terrible Danavas again made a great havoc of the celestial army. Then the Asuras, drums struck up and their shrill bugles were sounded; and the Danava chiefs yelled their terrific war-cry. "Then a powerful Danava, taking a huge mass of rock in his hands, came out of that terrible Daitya army.

The object slowly resolved itself into two crutches between which hung the limp figure of a one-legged man. "Bonjour, Monsieur le cure." The crutches came to a standstill; the cripple's hand went up to doff a ragged worsted cap. "Good-day, good-day, my friend; how goes it? Not quite so stiff, hein in such a bath of sunlight as this? Good-day, good-day."

Five minutes after leaving the kitchen of the ranchhouse Calumet stood beside the rotted rails of the corral fence near the stable, frowning, fully conscious that he had been worsted in the verbal battle just ended. He was filled with a disagreeable sense of impotence; he felt small, mean, cheap, and uncomfortable, and was oppressed with indecision.

Major Ponto did not evidently know the difference, for she called the liquor Amontillado during the whole of the repast, and drank but half a glass of it, leaving the rest for the Major and his guest. Stripes was in the livery of the Ponto family a thought shabby, but gorgeous in the extreme lots of magnificent worsted lace, and livery buttons of a very notable size.

A crowd gathered miraculously and cheered on this spectacle; women appeared at all the windows; urchins hooted; mongrel dogs barked. When the butcher had been worsted and chased back into his shop by the maddened brewer we were allowed to pursue our journey. I must remark that neither of these men used aught but his hands.

I declared my joy at seeing my old friend so happily settled commented on the improvement of his looks ventured a sly joke at the good effects of matrimony praised a cat couchant, worked in worsted by the venerable hand of the eldest matron offered to procure her a real cat of the true Persian breed, black ears four inches long, with a tail like a squirrel's; and then slid, all at once, into the unauthorized invitation of the good man of the house.

And Sir Tristram, having learned that this was the King of Ireland, whose champion he had worsted in the battle, and thinking that his own name would be known, replied: 'I am of the country of Lyones, and my name is Sir Tramor, and my wound was got in battle, as I fought for a lady's right.

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