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May I be there to see! The left side of the glacière, near the entrance, was occupied by a columnar cascade, behind which I forced a passage by chopping away some lovely ornaments of ice. Here also the solid ground-ice falls away a little under the surface, leaving a cavern 8 or 9 feet deep, on the rock side of which every possible glacial fantasy was to be found.

Keep hot in two sauceboats a puree of Brussels sprouts and a puree of onions. These are prepared by cooking the vegetables in water, then chopping fine, and rubbing through a sieve with cream, or with a little good milk, pepper, and salt.

He saw a bright steel axe working all alone and cutting down a big pine-tree. No man was near it. "Good-morning, Mr Axe," he said. "I think you must be tired chopping at that old tree all by yourself." "Ah, master," said the axe. "I have been waiting for you a long time." "Well, here I am," said Jack; and he took the axe and put it into his pocket.

The chocolate and arrow-root had apparently been brought chiefly for the sake of their tins, and one of the Arabs illustrated their use by putting one of them down on a rock, chopping it in two with his sword, cleaning out the contents, and then restoring as well as he could the two halves to the original shape.

We met sheikhs walking with little battle-axes on long poles weapons in war, and in peace used for chopping wood, at all times emblems of their rank. The plain at length broke away, and we got into the narrow, and not very deep, wooded Wadi el Mimin. It has very precipitous sides of basalt, brown in colour, and making a very untidy attempt at being columnar.

Jolly Roger paused long enough to take the cartridges from his gun. There would be no more shooting' on his part. The mellow autumn sun was flooding the open door of the cabin when he came up. He heard laughter. It was Giselle. She was talking, too. And then he heard a man's voice and from far off to his right came the chopping of an axe. Old Robert was at work. Giselle and Cassidy were at home.

At the close of the meeting he returned the money, remarking that he had earned fifty cents that day mowing lawns and chopping wood. He continued to frequent the mission, a changed man. After moving to the studio I lost sight of him almost entirely, but often wondered what had become of him. There came a time toward the close of my sojourn in San Jose when I was financially down to bedrock.

Seeing him running away, the Laguna Grande woods-men took heart and hope and pursued him. Straight for the loading donkey at the log- landing Bryce ran. Beside the donkey stood a neat tier of firewood; in the chopping block, where the donkey-fireman had driven it prior to abandoning his post to view the contest between Bryce and Jules Rondeau, was a double-bitted axe.

It was under a Yankee captain that he made his first cruise down to Honduras, for a cargo of logwood, which in those times was no better than stolen from the Spanish folk. One day, lying off the shore, in the Gulf of Honduras, comes Master Low and the crew of the whaleboat rowing across from the beach, where they had been all morning chopping logwood.

They were soon at the log cabin. Daddy Bunker knocked on the door, but there was no answer. "I guess he isn't at home," said Grandma Bell. "Are you looking for the lumberman the red-haired man who cuts trees?" asked a gardener, coming along just then. "Yes, we should like to see him," said Daddy Bunker. "Well, he's over in the woods, chopping. I'll call him for you."

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