"Let's go in and see if the others are awake." So Frieda put on her heavy leather slippers, lined with figured satin and edged with fur, and a very bunchy bathrobe, and followed Alice's kimonoed figure across the wide corridor to Catherine's room. They pushed the door softly open and entered. Then they exchanged glances of mischief. Dr.

Judy was proving her suitability by beating so vigorously and clicking so loudly with the fork, that a gentle knock on the door had to be sharply repeated before they were sure of it. There was a general scramble from the kimonoed crowd, who were not expecting a visitor at this hour. But Mrs.

When she came for them, the girls were ready and the little procession started, three kimonoed figures each bearing a lighted candle along the echoing halls to the haunted room above the library.

"Not understand sewing machines!" shrilled the kimonoed one, "why anybody with any sense at all can run a sewing machine " Felicia smiled her wide ingenuous smile. "I am not any one at all but it so happens that I cannot use a sewing machine. Perhaps I can please you with my needle. Or, I can go home." "You can't do anything of the kind.

She was sitting on my bed, kimonoed, slippered, and braided. And now she looked at me with a suddenly quivering chin. "Alicia," said I, "ever since I discovered that there's no mistake about that lawyer's letter that Hynds House is unaccountably, but undoubtedly mine and I've got to live in it if I want to keep it it has been borne in upon me that you are just about the worst file-clerk on earth.

To-morrow we'll tackle the unraveling." And we, remembering of a sudden that we were pig-tailed and kimonoed, and that The Author himself resembled a step-ladder with a shawl draped around it, departed hurriedly. He was late at the breakfast-table next morning. Gloom and abstraction sat visibly upon him.

"That'll be for us, Ella," said Miss Fancy Goods. "We told the office to call us here. The boys are probably downstairs." She answered the call, turned, nodded, smoothed her gloves and preened her laces. Ella Morrissey, in kimonoed comfort, waved a good-bye from her armchair. "Have a good time! You all look lovely. Oh, we met Max Tack downstairs, looking like a grand duke!"

And besides I know pretty well what I want, and where to go to get it. It's making them give it to me that will be hard." They went to the same hotel, and took connecting rooms. Each went her own way, not seeing the other from morning until night, but they often found kimonoed comfort in each other's presence. Fanny had spent weeks outlining her plan of attack.

A close bond of friendship had sprung up between Frau Nirlanger and me. I would miss her friendly visits, and her pretty ways, and her sparkling conversation. She and I had held many kimonoed pow-wows, and sometimes not often she had given me wonderful glimpses of that which she had left of Vienna, the opera, the court, the life which had been hers.

Nicky had looked at the Blonde, and his eyebrows had gone up ever so slightly. It spoiled Ethel's evening. More than that, as she told her mother of it later, weeping, she declared it had spoiled her life. Ethel talked it over with her husband in that intimate, kimonoed hour that precedes bedtime. She gesticulated heatedly with her hair brush. "It's disgusting, that's what it is.