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He had come first! She set her teeth with a long, shuddering breath, bracing herself to meet what was coming. The Arab woman turned to look at her again with a sneering smile that was full of significance, but beyond a fleeting glance of disdain Diana paid no attention to her. She stood rigid, one foot beating nervously into the soft rug.

He had reasoned with himself that such a pressure could not last always, and that this had certainly reached its limit. The clear, bracing air of the morning had its full influence over his sensitive nature. All Nature seemed to rejoice, and he, for the time, forgot the universal distress, and sympathized with it.

Kennedy's words seemed to have a bracing effect on Reginald and a few moments later he left, much calmer. "I hope I have given him something to do which will keep him from mussing things up again," remarked Kennedy, mindful of Reginald's former excursion into detective work.

One boy has broken the strap of his trousers, and, bracing himself up for a clinch, is evidently encroaching on the other with his foot. He stands with his legs on the straddle, both fists made up for mischief, and head turned away in profile, with hat and books flung down upon the turf; while the other the lamb keeps his satchel in his hand, with one arm raised to parry the blow he is expecting.

Then he promised to give me an answer." "On the whole, I think they need have no hesitation about taking him back now," Mrs. Colston responded; and Muriel agreed with her. "There's another point," she added. "How long shall we stay here?" "I don't know. I've a growing liking for Cyril, the place is pleasant, and though things are rather rudimentary, the air's wonderfully bracing.

It was Saturday of the week following the events narrated in the last chapter. The snow that mantled the earth was frozen solid, and the bells tinkled merrily as the sleighs skimmed over the glistening road. A cold bracing air sent the blood surging through the veins of the pedestrians and brought the ruddy glow of health to their cheeks.

And now she had dropped down on him from heaven. They were alone together with the good clean wind and the bracing scud. Rollo, Clarence, Dwight, and Twombley, not to mention Edgar or possibly Teddy, were down below he hoped, dying. They had the world to themselves. "I love rough weather," said Ann, lifting her face to the wind. Her eyes were very bright.

Findlay, Holden, Mooney, and Cooley returned to the settlements; but Stewart, Squire Boone, and Alexander Neely, who had accompanied Squire, threw in their lot with the intrepid Daniel, and fared forth once more to the stirring and bracing adventures of the Kentucky wilderness.

"Yes," replied Marjorie, shortly, bracing herself for what she felt would follow. She was not the only one who had seen the pin in Constance's possession. "Did Constance Stevens find it?" quizzed Jerry. "Yes." "Oh, then that's all right. I saw her wearing it this morning; and I'm not the only one who saw her, either.

When he did get there the crack he had marked was a foot over his head. There was nothing to do but find toe-holes in the crumbling walls, and by bracing knees on one side, back against the other, hold himself up Once with his eye there he did not care what risk he ran. Longstreth appeared disturbed; he sat stroking his mustache; his brow was clouded.