Septima iam rediens Phoebe mihi respicit aegras Stare genas, totidem Oeteae Paphiaeque revisunt Lampades, et toties nostros Tithonia questus Praeterit et gelido spargit miserata flagello. Unde ego sufficiam? Non si mihi lumina mille Quae sacer alterna tantum statione tenebat Argus, et haud unquam vigilabat corpore toto.

Nam tribus octenis regia sceptra tulit; Quindecies Domini centenus fluxerat annus, Currebat nonus, cum venit atra dies; Septima ter mensis lux tunc fulgebat Aprilis, Cum clausit summum tanta corona diem. Nulla dedere prius tantum sibi saecula regem Anglia, vix similem posteriora dabunt.

When the Christian wave first spread over the Iberian peninsula in the time of the Romans, the fortress Legio Septima, established by Trajanus's soldiers, had already grown in importance, and was considered one of the promising North Spanish towns.

She remembered how she had walked home from the rectory with Rex in the moonlight, and thought to herself how funny it sounded to hear Rex call her his wife, in that rich melodious voice of his. Septima had said it was such a terrible thing to be married.

I regretted that I was not to say farewell to Septima; she deserved a most fervent expression of my esteem, gratitude, regard and good wishes; but, after my encounter with Vedia, Septima seemed of very little importance. I had my amulet-bag on its thong about my neck and my coin-belt about my waist.

She raises the brass knocker with a quick, imperative touch. After a wait of perhaps ten minutes or so Septima answers the summons, but the candle she holds nearly drops from her hands as she beholds the face of her midnight visitor in the dim, uncertain flickering glare of the candle-light. "Miss Pluma," she exclaims, in amazement, "is there any one ill at the Hall?"

Suddenly from over the trees there came the sound of the great bell at the Hall. Daisy stood quite still in alarm. "It is five o'clock!" she cried. "What shall I do? Aunt Septima will be so angry with me; she promised Miss Pluma her white dresses should be at the Hall by five, and it is that already."

I hoped he might, but I felt nervous. I dreaded being dragged to Rome and recalled the prophecy of the Aemilian Sibyl. I had a feeling that to Rome I was going, my situation was too good to last. I thought of leaving Septima with much regret. Not that I loved her or even cared for her; but she was a girl no man could but respect and admire and wish well to.

Truttidius was beating copper wire, a process always fascinating to watch. "I've had an awful time in the country with Aunt Septima," Brinnaria chatted, "and I had an awful scare before they sent me to the country. Daddy threatened to make me a Vestal." "In place of Rabulla?" Truttidius queried, glancing up. "Yes," Brinnaria answered, "but I got off; my, but I was scared though."

When recess came Daisy did not leave her seat. She would have given the world to have heard Rex's voice just then; she was beginning to realize how much his sheltering love was to her. She would even have been heartily glad to have been back in the little kitchen at the cottage, no matter how much Septima scolded her.