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But now that Vix had the whole burden of the brood, she could no longer spend time in breaking every track to the den, and was not always at hand to meet and mislead the foes that might be coming too near. The end is easily foreseen. Ranger followed a hot trail to the den, and Spot, the fox-terrier, announced that the family was at home, and then did his best to go in after them.

And God forbid, Captain Waverley, that we of irreproachable lineage should exult over him, when it may be, that in the eighth, ninth, or tenth generation, his progeny may rank, in a manner, with the old gentry of the country. Rank and ancestry, sir, should be the last words in the mouths of us of unblemished race vix ea nostra voco, as Naso saith. My baron-bailie and doer, Mr.

Who unkinged himself for Popery. Swift. A blessed pair. Swift. No, not when he lost his kingdom or Popery. The King had ... friendship with Duke Hamilton. Swift. Vix intelligo. Swift. September 3d, always lucky to Cromwell. Swift How old was he when he turned a Papist, and a coward? Swift. Dubitat Augustinus. Swift. But proved a cowardly Popish king. P. 348, line 50. Swift. Scots. Swift.

"Vix, Domine. Quid sentis?" "Quid sentis! No, but it was good fortune sent us. Don't you persave, Dionysius, and you, Denis don't you know, I say, that this letter of admission couldn't be written except the bishop knew his name in full? Unlucky! Faith if ever a horse was lucky this is he."

A genealogy is no trifle in Germany; and they would rather prove their two-and-thirty quarters, than two-and-thirty cardinal virtues, if there were so many. They are not of Ulysses' opinion, who says very truly, Genus et proavos, et qua non fecimus ipsi; Vix ea nostra voco. Good night. LONDON, November 24, O. S. 1747

So Vixen overtook him with a couple of bounds and dragged him again into the open for the children to worry. Again and again this rough sport went on till one of the little ones was badly bitten, and his squeal of pain roused Vix to end the woodchuck's misery and serve him up at once. Not far from the den was a hollow overgrown with coarse grass, the playground of a colony of field-mice.

She sank her teeth into her lower lip to keep it from trembling, but smiled. "But I wouldn't take the trouble, Charley-boy honest, I wouldn't take the trouble." "I'll get you yet, you little vix," he insisted, his white smile flashing, and retreating into the crowd. "You oh oh, you!" She stood looking after him, head backward and hip arched forward in the pose of Carmen's immortal defiance.

"My last night at home, Vix," he said remonstrantly; "I really ought to dine with my mother." "Of course you ought, and that's the very reason why you'll dine with us. So 'kim over, now, as Bates says to the horses; I don't know what there is for dinner," she added confidentially, "but I feel sure it's something nice. Dinner is papa's particular vanity, you know. He's very weak about dinner."

"I'm afraid you must think our goings on rather eccentric," Rorie began shyly; "but perhaps Vix Miss Tempest has told you what old friends we are; that, in fact, I am quite the oldest friend she has. I came to Jersey on purpose to ask her to marry me, and she has been good enough" smiling blissfully at Vixen, who tried to look daggers at him "to say Yes."

But another way more sure, but harder to play, is to lead the hounds straight to a high trestle just ahead of the train, so that the engine overtakes them on it and they are surely dashed to destruction. This trick was skilfully played, and down below we found the mangled remains of old Ranger and learned that Vix was already wreaking her revenge.