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The lamp is interesting, but there is a question whether there is any practical advantage in its use. Rutter's ventilating lamp is of different form, having a globe instead of an outer cylinder, the gas and air coming in from above. Some of the best dwellings now being erected in the vicinity of New York are provided with tin pipes leading from the burners to the open air.

Then he signed to Foy, and whispered, and going to the iron baths, Foy drew from them two large buckets of molten lead, each as much as a man could carry. Again Martin looked through the crack, waiting till several of the burners were gathered beneath.

There is an open grave there! the judgment is there! a lost eternity is there! Take it away! They can not take it away. You say: "How dark it is getting in the room!" Why, the burners are all lighted. Your family come up one by one, and tenderly kiss you good-bye.

A dead hush fell upon the whole assembly. Without a word the leader of the charcoal burners strode away into the forest, and returned in another minute with the two horses. Rupert and Hugh wrung the hands of the peasants to whom they owed their lives, and leapt into the saddle.

Roger began refitting their space helmets with the dark glass that would shield them from the strong rays of the enlarging sun. "Ever been outside in the direct path of the sun with no protection, Roger?" asked Astro. "No," replied Roger. "Have you?" "Once," said Astro softly. "On the second moon of Mars, Phobos. I was bucking rockets on the old chemical burners.

We talked it over last night when you were busy with your camera, after we chased around for the stone-thrower; and agreed that since Andy and his mates couldn't get this camp-site, the next best place for them to go would be that little cabin up near the shore of the lake," said Jerry. "You mean the one the charcoal burners used to live in long ago?" "Yes.

"Evidently it is a hollow that has been burnt out though rascals indeed must the burners have been to kindle a fire in a living tree!" However, the space within the hollow was both confined and redolent of smoke and dead leaves.

Under the "gold" rule, the country people who had concealed their cotton from the burners, and who openly scorned our greenbacks, were willing enough to take Tennessee money, which will buy their groceries; but now that the trade is to be encouraged, and gold paid out, I admit that cotton will be sent in by our open enemies, who can make better use of gold than they can of their hidden bales of cotton.

In general, it looks like any other laboratory glass tubes, Bunsen burners, retorts and jars being in more or less meaningless tangles; but there are two or three bits of apparatus pretty sure to attract the eye of the casual visitor which deserve special mention.

If to-night one of my burners were out, within six months would come a letter from India, perhaps from the islands of the Pacific Ocean, perhaps from some place I never heard of saying that on such a night, at such an hour, the light of Calais burned dim; the watchman neglected his post, and vessels were in danger.