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Hence the new apposition of parts is not produced by capillary attraction, because the whole is extended; whereas capillary attraction would rather tend to bring the sides of flexible tubes together, and not to distend them.

7/16 ball crushed before 3 tons, with which I was starting, had been applied. Examination showed that the steel bar of which it was made had been laminated. These experiments do not tell much of importance; they are curious, and perhaps of sufficient interest to bring before your notice. The fragments are all preserved in tubes, and labeled, so that any one who likes to see them can do so.

We'll fight as long as she floats! "The speaking tubes existed no longer. I stationed a man at the hatch and another below and transmitted my orders to the engine room by them. First we drove ahead with one screw, then with the other, to get a zig-zag course; next we backed first with one propeller and then the other.

Both salvarsan and neosalvarsan are yellow powders, which must be manufactured under the most exacting precautions, to prevent their being intensely poisonous, and must be sealed up in glass tubes to prevent their spoiling in the air. They were formerly administered by dissolving them or by mixing with oil and then injecting them into the muscles, much as mercury is given by injection.

Is our money I beg pardon your money which is so much needed in other directions to be wasted in providing such unnecessaries for officers and idle girls? Oh bless it all," and seizing the offending cigarettes he hurled them through the open window, a scattered shower of white tubes which some Kaffirs outside instantly proceeded to collect.

They are in every female at birth, and as the girl develops into womanhood, these ovules develop also. At a certain age, varying slightly with the individual, the ripest ovule leaves the nest or ovary and comes down one of the tubes connecting with the womb and passes out of the body. When this takes place, it is said that the girl is at the age of puberty.

By the action of these valves the blood is kept circulating in one direction. The blood vessels are elastic, and the study of the effect of a liquid pumped rhythmically into elastic tubes explains with simplicity the various phenomena associated with the circulation. For example, the rhythmically contracting heart forces a small quantity of blood into the arteries at short intervals.

He said that his furnaces were as much as he wanted to take care of; especially as in former years, when it had begun to come spring, he had experienced a stress of mind in keeping the heat just right, when the ladies were all calling down the tubes for more of it or less of it, which he should now be very glad not to have complicated with other cares.

There was nothing to distinguish it from any one of the tubes in which small tabloids are sold by chemists. Hillyard got out of his bureau the letter in which these tubes were mentioned. "'They have been successful in France," he said, quoting from the letter. "The scientists may be able to make something of them in Paris. This letter and the tubes together may give a clue.

These holes are so-called in parts of Australia, usually near the coasts, where freshwater crabs and crayfish bury themselves in the bottoms of places where rain water often lodges; the holes these creatures make are tubes of two, three, or four feet deep, whose sides and bottom are cemented, and which hold water like a glass bottle; in these tubes they remain till rain again lodges above, when for a time they are released.