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The trials made by Mr. The figures relate to one effective horse power, measured with the brake upon the shaft of the motor. Consumption of anthracite. 516 grammes. " " coke. 96 " Consumption of water for the injection of steam. 0.487 liters. Consumption of water for cooling the cylinder. 50.0 " Consumption of oil for lubricating the cylinder. 3.74 grammes.

If displacement is added to condensation, there is no formation of a mixed image, but a common mean which bears the same relationship to the individual elements as does the resultant in the parallelogram of forces to its components. In one of my dreams, for instance, there is talk of an injection with propyl.

Being all ready, the stick of rectal soap should be dipped in water to moisten it inserted in the rectum and withdrawn. This is simply to lubricate the passage and facilitate the admission of the "injection point."

By compressed air you blow out the old decayed mortar, and then damping the masonry by the injection of water, you insert the nozzle of the machine and force the grout into the cracks and cavities, and soon the whole mass of decayed masonry is cemented together and is as sound as ever it was.

They're all inoculated against everything. And he keeps an elaborate medicine-chest in his house, together with elaborate typewritten instructions which he forced his doctor to give him in case anything awful should happen suddenly. Omega has only to read those instructions, and he could stitch a horrible wound, tie up a severed artery, or make an injection of morphia or salt water.

The winter would probably be a hard one, with such a misfortune as this at its very beginning. But no matter, it would pass. He wasn't the first Buck who had had his ribs smashed by an injection of lead and had lived to tell the tale. The next year it was his antlers that got him into trouble his antlers and his quarrelsomeness.

And as soon as he returned home he tried the experiment on himself, making an injection in his side, which he repeated night and morning. The first doses, of a gram only, were without effect. But having doubled, and then tripled the dose, he was enchanted, one morning on getting up, to find that his limbs had all the vigor of twenty.

On October 19th, at the Guildhall, began the Great Oyer of Poisoning, as Coke described it, with the trial of Richard Weston. Thus at the very outset the dishonesty of the proceedings is apparent. Weston was an accessory. Both on his own evidence and that of Sir Gervase Elwes, besides the apothecary's boy in Flushing, Sir Thomas Overbury had died following upon an injection prepared by Loubel.

In the course of our first long official interview with the General, he informed us that we were "an injection into an otherwise normal situation." He added that we had already mediatized the volume of work that flowed over his desk. At the moment none of us were quite sure what he meant, but we found the word in the dictionary.

Terrified, livid, he kept his wide open eyes fixed upon the clock, with a dreadful expression of despair and grief; and for ten minutes it seemed as if every moment must be his last. Ramond had immediately given him a hypodermic injection. The relief was slow to come, the efficacy less than before. When Pascal revived, large tears stood in his eyes. He did not speak now, he wept.

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