It would seem, therefore, that this slender tree, with a stem which at the ground is only 7 inches in diameter, having a height of 39 feet, and before it has any expanded leaves from whose united surfaces large amounts of water might evaporate, is able to draw from the ground about 4 liters, or seven-eighths of a gallon of fluid every twenty-four hours.

The amount of the oil obtained in ten days, i.e., from 10 charges or 1,200 kilogrammes of the wood, in summer is about 18 liters, while in winter it amounts only to 5-7 liters. The price of the solid camphor is at present about 1s. 1d. per kilo. The oil contains a considerable amount of camphor in solution, which is separated by a simple distillation and cooling.

If this is compared with the batswing burner, which produces the light of 1 carcel with a consumption of 120 liters of gas, the economy is greater varying, according to the type of lamp, from 41 to 85 per cent. W, friction wheel attached to pendulum. L gives no impulse except when the electro-magnet is excited.

It is interesting to observe that the occupations of the crew determine the atmospheric conditions: the quantity of air required by a human body depends entirely on its activity. A man working hard absorbs in an hour eighty-five liters of air.

The mixing vessel a porcelain kettle capable of containing twenty liters, made at the Royal Porcelain Factory at Berlin, whose products are unequaled for chemical purposes is also the boiling vessel, and, therefore, fits tightly, by means of the tin ring with the wooden handles, on to a large water bath.

As this was received with exclamations of rage, he went into explanations. He had furnished twenty-five liters of wine instead of twenty, as he agreed. The floating island was an addition, on seeing that the dessert was somewhat scanty, whereupon ensued a formidable quarrel. Coupeau declared he would not pay a sou of the extras.

He stated that he was free from the effects of alcohol; on several occasions on a wager he took 20 liters of wine, gaining his wager without visibly affecting his nervous system. There is an instance of a man of fifty-eight who could not live through the night without a pail of water, although his health was otherwise good.

If we allow 1,000 kilogrammes for the weight of a car that received 360 liters of dry sand or 300 of wet, the performance was 19 per cent., and appeared to be satisfactory, considering the conditions under which the installation was made.

This produces a tulip-shaped flame, and it has a specially constructed glass arrangement on the outside for regulating the combustion. Comparing the above-mentioned burners with each other, we arrive at the following results: The "Lillois" burner consumes 70 liters of gas per carcel; the Siemens ordinary, 70 liters; the Siemens-Breittmayer, 35 to 39 liters; the Wenham, about 35 liters.

Under these circumstances, and with a pressure of water equal to a column of 61.7 cubic centimeters, the apparatus will furnish 890 liters of air for every 1,000 liters of water consumed. If the two diameters were: b, 1 millimeter, and e, 2.4 mm., one liter of water aspirates 2.35 liters of air. These proportions are, no doubt, capable of improvement. Chem. Zeit. and Ch. Centralbl.