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"I think," he replied slowly, "that it was drawn with sympathetic ink. The heat of the burner brought it out into sight." What was it about? Elaine had gone to bed that night at Aunt Tabby's in the room which her old nurse had fixed up especially for her.

The heat from the burner is thus reflected into the crucible and dries the precipitate without danger of loss as the result of a sudden generation of steam within the mass of ferric hydroxide.

We must not forget that the distance of the burner from the work is a vital point of the cost question; and, for all except large spaces, requiring general illumination, a common cheap burner on a swivel joint has yet to meet with a competitor. Do not think I am old-fashioned or prejudiced in this matter.

And besides the apples, I have tea. I always tuck a little in my suitcase when we are touring with Mrs. Feversham, because she uses a different blend." She bent as she spoke, to find the tea, which she produced together with a small kettle and alcohol burner.

With a jerk she switched off the dark blue apron, hung it over her arm, and smoothed down the spotless white apron which had been beneath the blue. The next instant she hurried after Benny with a warning cry. "Careful, child, careful! Oh, Benny, you're always in such a hurry!" Benny, with a cheery "Come on!" had already banged open the door before him, and was reaching for the gas burner.

By the gods! ye have let the incense in yonder burner smoulder!" and he pointed to a massive brazen vessel, gorgeously ornamented, from whence rose but the very faintest blue whiff of fragrant smoke "Off with ye both, ye basking blackamoors! bring fresh frankincense, and palm-leaves wherewith to stir this heated air hence and back again like a lightning-flash! ... or out of my sight forever!"

This is to be 'accomplished by enclosing the upper part of the glass cylinders of the argand burner by a thin tube of tin or brass, which, when made to descend slowly before the flame, and then allowed suddenly to start back, will cause an occultation and reappearance of the light. The number of occultations denotes the number of the lighthouse.

It is quite possible to burn as much as 2,000 cubic feet of gas per hour per square foot of burner surface, producing a heat sufficient to fuse any ordinary crucible. You see its power when I place a bundle of iron wire in the flame; it is, in fact, a concentration of hundreds or thousands of powerful blowpipe flames in one mass.

"You see," Bobby would say earnestly, as he brushed away at the floor beneath the burner, "you don't know that you are being asphyxiated. You just feel drowsy, and then, poof! you're dead." Adelbert, dozing between tickets, was liable to be roused by a vigorous shaking, to a pair of anxious eyes gazing at him, and to a draft of chill spring air from the open door.

"Oh, nothin'; I was er just going to say that this gentleman's my friend from Noo York, Mr. Burnham. I was showin' him round the town and we just happened to look in." "The friend you were going to write to about my burner?" inquired Sam. "Well, I'm right glad to meet you, sir." It was here that Roland got a look from Mr. Burnham that withered him completely.

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