"Where's it at?" "FIRE! Pooh-ha! "It's Linc Hoover. Hay, Linc! Where's the fire?" "FIRE! Pooh-ha! FIRE! ha, ha! "Hay, Linc! Where's it at? Tell me and I'll run. Hay! Where's it at?" "Which Swope? Henry or the old man?" "FIRE! Pooh! J. K. Swope. Whoo-ha, whooh-ha! Out out on West End Avenue. Poof!"

"But, mammy dear," said Barbara, "what will papa say?" "Poof!" returned her mother. "I've known him too long to care what he says!" "I don't like offending him," returned Barbara. "Don't mention him again, child, or I'll turn him loose on your bookbinder. Am I to put my own ewe-lamb to the same torture I had to suffer by marrying him!

There are too many in the secret already, what with you and the two in London; and as I keep on telling you, if one whiff of a suspicion gets abroad, the whole thing's busted, and a trap will be set that you and I will be caught in for a certainty." "Poof! We're at sea now, and no one can gossip beyond the walls of the ship. Besides Kettle is far too staunch to talk.

"But we are not a thousand fighting men," exclaimed the cautious Arab, "and there are at least twenty thousand rebels in the city. Poof, the English are mad, we shall die." George burst into a laugh, and Belbeis looked disgusted.

"It's just because they haven't been ashore for weeks and months, and in spite of the Lieutenant for Physical Training och! No, Bunje, don't start scrapping it's too early in the morning, and we'll wake . . . those . . . poor devils Eugh! Poof! There! What did I tell you!"

Amos works that hard." "Poof," said Aunt Rebecca, "I ain't heard tell yet of any man workin' himself to death! It wouldn't hurt Philip to be a farmer. The trouble is it don't sound tony enough for the young ones these days. Lawyer what does he want to be a lawyer for? I heard a'ready that they are all liars. You're by far too easy!" "Oh, Aunt Rebecca," said Amanda, "not all lawyers are liars.

It is all right to IMAGINE them as existing in an equally imaginary epoch but now? poof!" At the next halt Hooja the Sly One managed to find enough slack chain to permit him to worm himself back quite close to Dian.

Poof had gone the blue sky and this whole world, all in a moment, the scattered pieces forming the asteroids. Accident? More likely it was a huge, interplanetary missile from competing Mars. The Martians had died, too as surely, though less spectacularly. Radioactive poison, perhaps... Here, there had been an instant of unimaginable concussion, and of swift-passing flame.

During that day both Jake and Kate were in a very humble mood. Peter Newby came over during the day and Jake told him all about Robert's confession. Jake also expressed himself as being dissatisfied with his religion. "Ah, poof!" said Peter, "you are all right. Weren't you baptized, and don't you believe in Christ? Don't give up your religion. Would you go back on your old dad and mammy like that?

On reaching the river's brink, he plunged headlong in, without waiting so much as to pull off his shoes. "Poof! poof! poof!" snorted King Midas, as his head emerged out of the water. "Well; this is really a refreshing bath, and I think it must have quite washed away the Golden Touch. And now for filling my pitcher!"