Grosvenor's side, where they both remained, eyeing the little stranger in silence. "The child's dress denotes no common birth," remarked the Captain, as his lady disrobed it of its rich lace dress, saturated with the salt seawater. "And the gold bands; are there no marks? nothing, by which we may gain the least clue of its history?"

One soon picks it up and identifies it; but it does not get introduced in the unequivocally clear fashion of the themes described above, or of that malignant monstrosity, the theme which denotes the curse on the gold.

To understand the causality of Brahman as a merely mediate one would be to contradict all those statements of immediate origination. Texts such as the one quoted thus confirm the conclusion that everything originates from Brahman directly. 'Knowledge' in the Sutra denotes the means of knowledge, i.e. the sense- organs.

At the base of the mountains an area of dark-green coloring denotes the presence of fields and orchards and the whereabouts of the important village of Kakh.

"And who arst you to interfere, mem, if I may wenture to make the inquiry?" said she, with that polite but spasmodic intonation that denotes the approaching row. "Keep yerself to yerself, if you please, mem.

"I do, it is Sir John Tyrrell!" replied Lady Harriett: "he only came to Cheltenham yesterday. His is a very singular history." "What is it?" said I, eagerly. "Why! he was the only son of a younger branch of the Tyrrells; a very old family, as the name denotes. He was a great deal in a certain roue set, for some years, and was celebrated for his affaires du coeur.

Bryce, in his report to the Glasgow Archaeological Society, says that "Bos Longifrons has a wide range in time, from Neolithic down to perhaps even medieval times. The evidence of the bones, then, denotes any date except a relatively recent date, of 1556-1758; contrary to an hypothesis to be touched on later.

"Puyatye Zaashtesh," Hayoue replies; and each looks at the other inquiringly. Where we might have seen but the usual dim haze veiling distant objects, they have discovered a bluish tint capping the hills like a pale streak. It denotes the presence of smoke, therefore fire.

The clause 'That is the Self of me, within the heart' designates the embodied soul by means of a genitive form, while the object of meditation is exhibited in the nominative case. Br. Here the locative form, 'within the Self, denotes the embodied Self, and the nominative, 'that golden Person, the object to be meditated on. All this proves the highest Self to be the object of meditation.

As the day wore on, the rain increased, and the sky put on that dull, gray cast, which denotes a lengthened storm. We were fain to stop at nightfall, but there was no inn near at hand not even a hovel of a cabaret in which to shelter ourselves, and, on enquiring of the wagoners, we received the comforting assurance that there was yet a league and a half to the nearest stopping place.