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In such an obscure fastness of her being, Marcia had meditated a great deal upon Bartley during her absence at Equity, meditated painfully, and in her sort prayerfully, upon him. She perceived that he was not her young dream of him; and since it appeared to her that she could not forego that dream and live, she could but accuse herself of having somehow had a perverse influence upon him.

His cigar had gone out again, and he threw it into the fire and vaguely meditated getting up to find another. But the mere act of leaving his chair seemed to call for a greater exertion of the will than he was capable of, and he leaned his head back with closed eyes and listened to the drumming of the rain. A different noise aroused him.

The Advocate, without loss of time, took his departure for Delft, a step which was followed, shortly afterwards, by Maurice. Nor was this the only daring stroke which the Earl had meditated. During the progress of the secret negotiations with Parma, he had not neglected those still more secret schemes to which he had occasionally made allusion.

This disturbed the balance of that to which she had risen, and while the breath of the stranger hung suspended in the utterance of the meditated warning, the catastrophe had taken place. The stone shrank from beneath her, and, sinking with it, in another moment, she was hidden from sight in the still, deep waters of the lake.

The old gentleman smiled at the absurdity of that hope, and said he should depend on seeing him to-morrow. So, shaking hands warmly with Mr. Van Quintem, and bowing most respectfully to Mrs. Frump, Marcus took his departure, and meditated, as he walked slowly home, on the strange occurrences of the day.

It will be a great night, and they are preparing for it. They consider it her real beginning." "And this is the preparation?" Basil Ransom said. "Yes; as I say, it's their principal interest." Ransom listened, and while he listened he meditated.

Thus, though in less trenchant phrase since she was still happily very young, meditated Madame de Vallorbes, while standing in the pensive October sunshine upon the wide flight of steps which leads down from the main entrance of Brockhurst House.

"Perhaps that is meant for me," she meditated. "I have been careless and indifferent to the higher things of life, living only for to-day. Is the Great Master allowing these things to happen, the loss of mother, brother, home, and now " She was startled by a knock upon the door, and she trembled as she laid the book upon the table and crossed the room.

My father pricked up his ears; but Uncle jack pushed on before my father could get ready the forces of his meditated interruption. "A system which a little effort, a little union, can so easily terminate.

Only those passages which denounced a scheme to frustrate some marriage meditated by Mr. Darrell made him somewhat uneasy, and appeared to him to demand an explanation. But Caroline, in the anguish to which she awakened, forestalled his inquiries.