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Earles," Anna said. "I think, perhaps if you will excuse me, that we will defer the luncheon." "Just as you wish," Mr. Earles declared good-humouredly, "but I shall not let you go without drinking a glass of wine to our success." He plunged into one of his drawers, and brought up a small gold-foiled bottle.

"Oh yes," answered Feodorovna, "he would be sure to know everything. But I do not see how that fact is to help us; because, you see, dear friend, we have no power to compel him to reveal what he knows." "Have we not?" retorted the professor, good-humouredly. "Ah, well, we shall see; we shall see!

"Ah, well; we will not argue," said Sir James good-humouredly. "No," said the doctor, "we will not argue."

Mrs Montefiore was presented to Her Majesty by the Countess of Albemarle, and was most graciously received. "I followed her," writes Mr Montefiore. "The Queen smiled good-humouredly at me, and the Duchess of Kent said she was pleased to see us. No reception at a drawing-room could have been more flattering." At five o'clock he went to dine at the Merchant Taylors Hall.

These were Janci's words. "What are you talking about, shepherd? Is it another one of your visions?" exclaimed the young fellow who stood there before him. Janci rubbed his hands over his eyes and seemed to come down to earth with a start. "Oh, is that you, Ferenz? What do you want of me?" The boy gave his message again, and Janci nodded good-humouredly and followed him out of the house.

"I thought you said the air was fresh here," I exclaimed good-humouredly to my companion. "So I did," he answered. "I cannot make out why it has become so foul. The air-holes must have become accidentally stopped up."

She entered her room, and, wearied by the events of the day, fell asleep, dreaming of the new lot in the cemetery, and the lonely, joyless man who haunted it. As she adjusted her riding-habit the following morning, and suffered Andrew to arrange her stirrup, the latter said good-humouredly "So, Mas' Hugh got the start of you? It isn't often he beats you." "What do you mean?"

"Take care!" laughed Roger good-humouredly, "and don't let that madcap get you into mischief. I shouldn't be surprised if he tries to get his information from Cossé himself." "I would," declared Felix merrily, "if he gave me half a chance; but we must really go; the Admiral" and he drew himself up with an air of assumed importance "depends upon us."

The governess had, as it happened, a fortnight's holiday, to nurse a sick mother, so the girls and Bunty had no demands on their time. Pip used to go to school late and come back early, cajoling notes of excuse, whenever, possible, out of Esther. He even played the truant once, and took a caning for it afterwards quite good-humouredly.

But the bowing line of officers whose backs were towards him effectively barred his progress, and before they had broken up that formation her ladyship and her cavalier were out of sight, lost in the moving crowd. The marshal laughed good-humouredly. "The infallible reward of patience," said he. And O'Moy laughed with him. But the next moment he was scowling at what he overheard.