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'I had the same question to as you, returned the other, with a grim smile. Mr. Warricombe came up with extended hand. 'A species of bracket, he remarked, smiling benevolently, 'which no algebraic process will remove. Let us hope it signifies that you and Buckland will work through life shoulder to shoulder in the field of geology. What did Professor Gale give you?

The instruction is equal; but the first is only instructive, the latter forms a hero and a prince. If it signifies anything which of them is of the more ancient family, the best and most absolute heroic poem was written by Homer long before tragedy was invented.

Several who have witnessed this practice in India, have been struck with the remarkable analogy it bears to the scape-goat of the Mosaic dispensation, sent into the wilderness burdened with the sins of the congregation. The word waren signifies a dual possession the one beneficent, and the other malignant.

A "deadly man for ship" one of those expressions not uncommon in Worcestershire, on the lucus a non lucendo principle signifies a celebrated sheep breeder; the word "deadly," in this sense, is akin to the Hampshire and Dorset "terrible," or, "turrble," as a term of admiration or the appreciation of excellence; but there are occasions even in the most carefully tended flocks where accidents cannot be anticipated.

for from the head he signifies the man. And when for beautiful he says "endowed with beautiful cheeks," and for well armed he says "well greaved." When he wasted the sacred citadel of Troy. Not he by himself took Troy, but along with the rest of the Greeks. Casting on the hard marble, for marble is a species of rock. To know the birds and to say many fitting things.

But those who believe in eternity should be able to accept time, and the ruin of the altar from which the flame leaps up to heaven signifies little. My father and I went to visit Macdonald's collection of sculpture to-day.

It transpired that this signifies that the wearer has fought three duels in which a decision was reached duels in which he either whipped or was whipped for drawn battles do not count.

His second name is a rude rendering of his truly poetical Indian appellation, Sakayen-gwaraton, or "Disappearing Mist." It signifies properly, I was told, the haze which rises from the ground in an autumn morning and vanishes as the day advances.

"Well, then, mother I would rather not have told you your Cornelis must say to me, 'So you are come to share with us, eh, mistress? those were his words, I told him I would be very sorry. "Beshrew his ill tongue! What signifies it? He will never know,

And thus here, as in all other cases when we use words without having clear and distinct ideas, we talk like children, who, being questioned what such a thing is, readily give this satisfactory answer, that it is something; which in truth signifies no more when so used, either by children or men, but that they know not what, and that the thing they pretend to talk and know of is what they have no distinct idea of at all, and are, so, perfectly ignorant of it and in the dark.