The wind being contrary, it was several days before the brig reached the immediate neighbourhood of Krakatoa, and by that time the volcano had begun to enter upon the stage which is styled by vulcanologists "paroxysmal," the explosions being extremely violent as well as frequent. "It is very awful," said Kathleen in a low voice, as she clasped the captain's arm and leaned her slight figure on it.

He dreaded the form in which it might, sooner or later, break out. But at that he would be glad to have it over. At present he felt as though he were sitting on the edge of a volcano, or above an unexplored blast of dynamite at the bottom of a well. Meanwhile he would have to wait and watch and hope for the best. The week that followed was heaven and hell, mixed together, for Old Heck and Skinny.

Then, without saying a word to each other, they coasted along the shore of the island, and, finally, leaving its dangers behind, them, made for the island of Java poor Spinkie sitting in his accustomed place and looking uncommonly subdued! Scarcely had they pushed off into Sunda Straits when the volcano burst out afresh.

"This is very singular, Captain Harding," said Ayrton. "It is very serious," replied the engineer. "This powdered pumice-stone, all this mineral dust, proves how grave is the convulsion going forward in the lower depths of the volcano." "But can nothing be done?" "Nothing, except to note the progress of the phenomenon.

He had accompanied my uncle and myself on a voyage to Hawaii, and visited with us the great volcano of Kilauea, on that island, said to be by far the grandest and most wonderful in the world, not excepting Vesuvius itself. In making the descent into the crater, and while endeavouring to reach what is called the Black Ledge, he saved my life at the imminent hazard of his own.

From day to day, with the kindly permission of the volcano, I will add to it.... Bad doings by Old Spitfire. The cloud is coming down on me. Also seems to be moving along the cliff. I will retire hastily to my private estate in the cave. "That's all, except the scrawl on the last page," said Trendon. "Some action of the volcano scared him off.

It doth not stand far from the coast; and it lies in the latitude of 54 48', and the longitude of 195 45'. The mountain was rendered remarkable by its figure, which is a complete cone, and the volcano is at the very summit.

She knew that should Durnovo breathe a word of this in the right quarter that is to say, into the eager journalistic ear there would hardly be a civilised country in the world where Maurice Gordon of Loango could dwell under his own name. She felt that they were all living on a slumbering volcano.

I can recollect the horrors with which they fed my heated fancy during an eruption of Vesuvius. We were distant from that volcano, with mountains between us; but its convulsive throes shook the solid foundations of nature. Earthquakes threatened to topple down our convent towers.

Clapham, like every other earthly city, is built upon a volcano.