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In reality, of course, it was from those Agricultural Reports she had worked through the year before under Wharton's teaching, with so much angry zest, and to such different purpose. When the door closed upon her and upon Frank Leven, who was to escort her home, Hallin walked quickly over to the table, and stood looking for a moment in a sort of bitter reverie at Raeburn's photograph.

He said it was at 'n eatin'-house. We've been ever' eatin'-house in Inchbrook. Was here first of all. Leave it to Rodney. Wassen we, Rodney? You bet we was. You wassen here at 'leven o'clock. Come on home, Conshance. 'S all right. He's safe. He can't come." "But he will come, unless something terrible has happened to him," she almost sobbed in her desperation.

There are five of these in the neighbourhood of Govan, about two miles below Glasgow Bridge; two at Renfrew; three at Dumbarton, which is, more correctly speaking, on the Leven, but generally falls to be reckoned in common with the other places mentioned as a Clyde port; two below Port Glasgow; and three at Greenock in all, fifteen establishments, employing between 4000 and 5000 hands in the construction of iron hulls alone.

In his hand he held a lance with a broad head, in brightness like blinding leven, whereon was graven, "O thou that comest unto me, if thou know not the way to the City of Brass, rub the hand of this rider and he will turn round and presently stop. Then take the direction whereto he faceth and fare fearless, for it will bring thee, without hardship, to the city aforesaid."

"Naw," was the superb reply; "that ain't nothin'!" We laughed, and the youngster grinned around at us in a companionable way that won us on the spot. "What's your name?" asked Ronimus. "Patsy." "Patsy what?" "Burns." "How old are you?" "'Leven." "You're a Frenchman, aren't yon?" "Naw." "You're not?" Ronimus pretended intense surprise. "He's a Dutchman, aren't you, Patsy?" said Mosher. "Naw."

Times like Elspie, or 'Leven, or like that, I can hear it just as plain as plain the Bell, callin' me to help Him." She looked hard at us, and, "I donno if you know what I'm talkin' about " she doubted; but, at our answer, "Well," she added, "they's somethin' else. It's somethin' almost like what you've got you two an' like what Delia an' Abel have got.

Bordered on each side with four rows of noble trees with paths between 'em. The deacon said there wuz over 'leven thousand trees along that avenue, and I didn't dispute him. He got real talkative and kinder bragged on how much money he wuz makin', said he'd bought a place up in Harlem, and sez he, "I've got another auto for pleasure drivin'."

The child was looking very red and very upright was using her fan with great vehemence, and Frank Leven was humbly holding out his hand to her. "I don't like being startled," said Betty, pettishly. "Yes, you did startle me you did you did! And then you begin to contradict before I've said a word!

""You're a fine Injun to take a girl to a dance!" says Jule at last, an' she's full of scorn. ""Injun or no Injun," I retorts a heap sullen, "thar ain't no Gander-Pullin' goin' to jestify me in abandonin' my 'leven shawl-necks an' me with a main to fight next month over on the Little Bloo!"

Sez I, "I wanted you to know jest what reason she had for bein' so mad and writin' it, for I knowed you wouldn't feel so mortified about it. The way on't wuz, she wuz in the Office, and hadn't baked that week owin' to the cat tippin' over her yeast, she's so petickular she won't use boughten, and a hull load of company driv up onexpected at leven forty-five.