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Only a few were lost by the raid, which was the largest ever perpetrated by the rustlers in that part of the country. "But I guess, now that the troopers have Del Pinzo, and not the local authorities with their flimsy town jails, that this Greaser won't be foot-loose for some time," observed Bud, when, once more, the boy ranchers were back in camp.

Why I was afraid of him I did not know, he seemed so easy-going, so careless almost sweet, like a woman; but then I had seen his face once with a look that I could never forget. "Wal, Ken, I'll dodge Greaser if he ever crosses my trail again." That promise was a relief.

"Well, the dog ran off to the hills, and neither the threats nor cajoleries of his master could ever make him enter the cabin again. The next day the man left the camp. What time is it? Getting on to sundown, ain't it? Keep off my leg, will you, you d d Greaser, and stop stumbling round there! Lie down."

All of which was to say that as the wildness of the West had made possible his crimes, so it now held him responsible for them. "Abe, if thet greaser don't rustle down heah I'm goin' after him." "Sure. But don't be in no hurry," replied Abe. "I'm waltzin' to slow music.... Gimme a smoke." With fingers that slightly trembled Abe rolled a cigarette, lit it from his own, and handed it to the cowboy.

He'd got mighty int'rested in buildin' that road across the desert, and had dreamed some rosy dreams about it. But his men felt diff'rent. They wanted action on the cashier's part, or they'd quit. Hammond begged 'em to stay. He even blew in his own bank account settlin' part of the back wages. But inside of three days his crew had dwindled to a Chinese cook and a Greaser mule driver.

Wonderingly he watched the keen lined face. More than material worries were at the root of brooding, mounting thoughts in his father's eyes. "Now next take what Jim said aboot your comin' to chase these sheep-herders out of the valley.... Jean, I started that talk. I had my tricky reasons. I know these greaser sheep-herders an' I know the respect Texans have for a gunman. Some say I bragged.

If you fellows will come with me, I'll introduce you in form. Do you 'spiggoty'?" "Do we what?" asked Jack wonderingly. "Spiggoty. Talk this greaser lingo?" "Not very well, I'm afraid. Does the general talk English?" "Well. He's a good fellow, too. You'll find out." Thus rattling on, Bob Harding escorted the lads toward the van of the advancing horsemen.

"You can search me if I don't think there'll be more doin' on the border here than along the Rio Grande. We're just the same as on Greaser soil. Mebbe we don't stand no such chance of bein' shot up as we would across the line. But who's goin' to give up his hosses without a fight? Half the time when Beldin's stock is out of the alfalfa it's grazin' over the line.

They were taking their time, and if the boys could get down here right away, I believe we could get 'em. If not, I'll go back and stampede the horses this way, and see if I can't get me a greaser or two. We had to come back and fill up the tank again, anyway. I didn't want to get caught the way those other fellows did. Is Bill at the ranch, Mr. Selmer?"

"I haven't served the warrant yet," Madden replied. "And you know that I'm not going to skip the country at the prospect of your serving it?" "No. There's no hurry; I'll just sit around for a while. And understand, Weir, this arrest is none of my doings, except officially. I take no stock in the yarn about your having attacked the greaser you killed.

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