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"Gimme the .20 gauge," finally cried Romer, in desperation, with his eyes flashing. Whereupon his uncle handed him the shotgun, with a word of caution as to the trigger. This particular squirrel was pretty high up, presenting no easy target. Romer stood almost directly under it, raised the gun nearly straight up, waved and wobbled and hesitated, and finally fired.

Fortunately I am not thus obliged to compromise my dignity. The two are at pause. "Gimme a cigarette 'nd I'll tell you," bargains Tracey shrewdly. "Lew Parker told me after Sam'd gone." The deal is put through promptly. "He was telegraphin' to Got a match?" For once I am in sympathy with Roland, whose tone betrays his desire to wring Tracey's exasperating neck.

Ye did; I seed yer! And ye didn't say nothin' of it to anybody; and ye ain't sayin' nothin' of it now ter maw! and ye've got it in yer vest! And it's mine, and I dropped it! Gimme it." Astonishment, confusion, and rage swelled and empurpled Staples' face. It was HIS turn to gasp for breath. Yet in the same moment he made an angry dash at the boy. But Mrs. Medliker interfered.

"Then, by gum! it'll be mine darn quick. Thirty-eight dollars, was it? Now you gimme a receipt.... Locker!..." Scattergood waddled into the store, wrote a receipt, and put the money in the safe. When Sam had recrossed the road again he turned to Johnnie Bones. "Sellin' hard-ware's easy if you put your mind to it, Johnnie.

"Gimme a drink," he said laying fifteen cents before him; and as several men moved forward he scowled at them in silence and tossed off his solamente. "Cr-ripes!" he shuddered, "did you make that yourself?" And when Whiskers, caught unawares, half acquiesced, Wunpost drew himself up and burst forth.

The different strengths and directions of the gusts of wind must have accounted for the variations of the door's movements and maybe the draught of our big fire had helped. Dave scratched his head a good bit. 'I never lived in a house yet, he said, as we came away 'I never lived in a house yet without there was something wrong with it. Gimme a good tent. A Wild Irishman.

Whatever their plan, it was clear that the drunken crowd, inspired by the old ruffian, were intent on doing him bodily harm. He heard them stumbling and reeling up the steep stairs. He heard, "Here, gimme that whip," and knew he was in peril, maybe of his life, for they were whiskey-mad. He rose quickly, locked the door, rolled up an old rag carpet, and put it in his bed.

He disdained further explanation. "But," said Marianne, "I've got to have that terrible stallion killed. And who can do it but Jim Perris, Mr. Hervey?" "Gimme time," said Lew, "and I'll do it." She stamped her foot in anger. "How you wheedled the authority out of my father, I don't know," she said. "But you have it and you can discharge him if you want.

The first intimation the Judge had that some other person dared to look like him was when, as he strode into the lobby of the Media City hotel in the best city in his state, a grinning porter rushed up, seized his suit case and said affably, "Righto, Old Sport! Got here just in time this trip and I'll send your cases to number two sample room, and open 'em up if you'll gimme the burglar's kit.

Step into the other room and take off your shirt." "Not on your life." "What do you mean?" "I don't want no more of your dam' liniment." "Why?" "Because I'm because I don't." "Then I suppose I'll have to throw and hog-tie you." The physician rose and laid a heavy hand upon his patient's arm, at which Tom exclaimed: "Ouch! Leggo! Gimme the stuff and I'll rub myself." "Tom!"

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