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Praise be to Thee, O Thou Who art the Well-Beloved of all that have known Thee, and the Desire of the hearts of such as are devoted to Thee, inasmuch as Thou hast made me a target for the ills that I suffer in my love for Thee, and the object of the assaults launched against me in Thy path. Thy glory beareth me witness!

Should they be attacked by a stray machine they are armed and quite capable of guarding themselves against any attack except one in force. During these bomb raids photographs of the target are frequently obtained or should the staff require any district crossed on the journey and taken they are generally secured by bombing machines.

Rhodes Moorhouse flew low over the German lines the other day, in order to bombard the German station at Courtrai. He planed down to 300 feet, and became the target for a hundred guns. In the murderous fire he was wounded, and might have descended, but he was determined not to let the Germans have his machine. He planed down to 100 feet in order to gather speed.

What was the use, he quickly thought, of holding his men there in the full glare of the moonlight as a target for the enemy's guns, when a more certain conflict could be carried on from the shelter of the trees just behind him? He had too few men to risk losing any on those uneven terms. He quickly ordered his men to drop back into the woods.

It had been a flimsy, hastily-built mushroom city, with a beautiful, tawdry splendor that had seemed out of place, a target shining for thousands of miles.

We were sword to sword, and against my dagger he had his pike, but the dagger was the freer weapon for defence though not so far-reaching for attack. The man was very strong, but he had the shorter thrust and offered the broader target. We continued at it, thrust and parry, give and take.

"'An' now? she sez, lookin' at him; an' the red paint stud lone on the white av her face like a bull's-eye on a target. "He lifted up his eyes, slow an' very slow, an' he looked at her long an' very long, an' he tuk his spache betune his teeth wid a wrench that shuk him. "'I'm dyin', Aigypt dyin', he says; ay, those were his words, for I remimber the name he called her.

The Dewey was stripped for action and was to assist the destroyers in defense of the transports in the event of an attack. The first day out was spent in drills and target practice. Late in the afternoon a huge warship was sighted dead ahead and for a time there was a bit of anxious waiting aboard the Dewey.

Promotion, that insatiable hunger, was the greedy dream of all that little world of intriguing, underhand, begging employés, who opened up around the new minister so many approaches, like military lines around a redoubt. Sulpice felt himself besieged and the target for a crowd of greedy ambitions.

Just as the target entered the "ground clutter" the permanent and solid target near the radar station caused by the radar beam's striking the ground the lock-on was broken. The target seemed to pull away swiftly from the jet interceptor.