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"Never mind," soothingly as he acquiesced, "we'll try it again after a while. The next will very likely be a square dance and I can pilot you through that." "You're so good!" He looked away to avoid her grateful eyes. What would she say if she knew the reason he had brought her there? On a bet! He had seen only what appeared to be the humorous side.

"Peaches," said Racey, "le's go where we can have a li'l private talk." "All right," Peaches acquiesced, shortly, and left the saloon with Racey. On the sidewalk they were joined by Swing Tunstall. The latter fell into step on the other side of Peaches Austin. "Is he coming, too?" queried the gambler, with a marked absence of cordiality in expression and tone. "He is," answered Racey.

"Did," corrected the man. "There ain't but one now. But Salt were worth more 'n fifty dollars; yes, he were." "He certainly was," acquiesced Peggy. "Do you want to sell Pepper too?" "I'd sell my HEART, miss, if I could get things fer Nell." "Who is Nell?" "My girl, miss.

Adams said that he had acquiesced in the ultimate determination, and would cheerfully bear his share of the responsibility; but that he could not in truth say it had been conformable to his opinion, for that had been to approve and justify the conduct of Jackson, whereas it was disavowed, and the place he had taken was to be unconditionally restored. At this time Mr.

This being doubted, other scouts were sent out, who brought the same report in more positive terms. Pillow proposed to cut a way out. Buckner said that was now impossible, and Floyd acquiesced. Pillow at last assented to this, but proposed to hold the fort at least one day longer and take the chances of getting out.

The last time we met you acquiesced in my decision that I had better keep out of the country, and I see no reason for changing it." "The question must certainly be raised; that is why I sent for you. You can understand my anxiety to learn what truth there is in the stories I have heard." "It might be better if you told me all about it." "Very well; the task is painful, but it can't be shirked.

Kings, from whom all property emanated, were enfeoffed directly from the Almighty; they bestowed certain privileges on their vassals, but man had no rights at all. He was property, like the ox or the ass, like the glebe which he watered with the sweat of his brow. The obedient Netherlands acquiesced obediently in these new arrangements.

I found afterward that Scott used to amuse himself with the simplicity of the old man, and his zeal in verifying every passage of the poem, as though it had authentic history, and that he always acquiesced in his deductions. I subjoin the description of the wizard's grave, which called forth the antiquarian research of Johnny Bower.

"It's setting in a churn," replied the little girl, without looking up. "Is it trimmed?" said her mother. The little girl acquiesced. "It's all ready to light." "S'pose those Dutchman's young ones brought some things over to put on," ventured the biggest brother, shaking the popper violently to hide his concern. The little girl sighed heavily.

MR. CHAIRMAN: The Select Committee had very truly stated that only the second and third sections of the act are complained of; that the part of the law which punishes seditious acts is acquiesced in, and that the part which goes to restrain what are called seditious writings is alone the object of the petitions.