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The Cast-iron Man gave so terrible a roar that he even frightened the men who had made him; and then he rolled his eyes till they flashed fire, and gnashed his teeth till the noise sounded like thunder.

Where the historical traditions, the religious beliefs, the racial conditions, are all different there to transfer by mere untempered and cast-iron logic all the conclusions that you apply in one case to the other, is the height of political folly, and I trust that neither you nor I will ever lend ourselves to any extravagant doctrine of that species.

The book is indeed a protest against the stiffness of all cast-iron systems, and a warning against trusting in what is worn out.

What had happened was that Dave had cut his head on the ornate plinth of that cast-iron post, his hands missing their grip as his legs caught the shaft, so that he turned over backwards and his occiput suffered. He showed a splendid spirit quite Spartan, in fact bearing in mind his uncle's frequent homilies on the subject of crying; a thing no little boy, however young, should dream of.

'Not for sale at present, says old Jacob, looking like a cast-iron image. 'I'll send ye word when he is. 'All right, says Mr. Dawson. 'What a shoulder, what legs, what loins he has! Ah! well, he'll be weighted out now, and you will be glad to sell him soon. 'Our heads won't ache then, says Jacob, as he turns round and rides away. 'Very neat animal, shows form, drawls Starlight.

On the way from Richmond a cast-iron skillet, or spider, had been stolen by the crowd from the Rebels. It was a small affair, holding a half gallon, and worth to-day about fifty cents. In Andersonville its worth was literally above rubies. Two men belonging to different messes each claimed the ownership of the utensil, on the ground of being most active in securing it.

There are no appointments to keeps no angry clients kicking because I can't make water run up-hill or make cast-iron do the work of tool-steel.

When he was wound up the Cast-iron Man could roar, and roll his eyes, and gnash his teeth and march across the Valley, crushing trees and houses to the earth as he went. For the Cast-iron Man was as tall as a church and as heavy as iron could make him, and each of his feet was as big as a barn.

If the labour-saving appliances were so scanty indoors, they were not more numerous outside. The farmer's implements were rude and rough. The wooden plough, with its wrought-iron share, had not disappeared, but ploughs with cast-iron mould-boards, land-sides and shares, were rapidly coming into use. These had hard-wood beams, and a short single handle with which to guide them.

'Daisy, let him alone, you little tease! "'One is, to haul a lot of cast-iron boilers along the dunes, I said. 'If these birds come when the carcass floats in, and if they seem disposed to trouble us, we could crawl into the boilers and be safe. "'Why, that is really brilliant! cried Daisy. "'Be quiet, my child. Dick, the plan is sound and sensible and perfectly practical.

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