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'Dinna leemit the Almichty, wuman and that i' the verra moment whan he's been to hiz I wunna say mair gracious nor ord'nar, for that cudna be but whan he's latten us see a bit plainer nor common that he is gracious! The Lord o' mercy 'ill manage to luik efter the lammie he made, ae w'y or ither, there as here.

We went on shore again on the 7th, and that day I took in our boat 3 pounds 19 ounces , so that we had sold most of the cloth we carried in the boat before noon, by which time many of the negroes were gone, and the rest seemed to have very little gold remaining; yet they made signs to us to bring them more latten basins, which I was not inclined to, not wishing to spend any more time there, but to push forwards for Don Johns town.

I didna think He would hae latten them do't!" "A bairn micht jist as weel say, whan its nurse lays't intil its cradle, and says: 'Noo, lie still! 'Mammy, I didna think ye would hae latten her do't! He's a' aboot ye and in ye, Dawtie, and this is come to ye jist to lat ye ken 'at He is. He raised ye up jist to spen' His glory upo'! I say, Dawtie, did Jesus Christ deserve what He got?"

Never ane o' them was ower black to be latten gang close up til him; and some o' sic women un'erstede things he said 'at mony a respectable wuman cudna get a glimp o'! There's aye rain eneuch, as Maister Shaksper says, i' the sweet haivens to wash the vera han' o' murder as white as snow. The creatin hert is fu' o' sic rain.

The zenith becomes brownish like a brazen shield, while the setting sun alone retains its yellow colour, growing slowly paler till it is almost of the whiteness of latten; and, above, the mountains of the desert edge their sharp outlines with a tint of burnt sienna. To-night a freezing wind blows fiercely in our faces.

At an early date iron-foundries were established throughout New England, with, however, varying success. Latten ware, which was largely composed of brass, appeared in various useful forms for table and culinary appointments. Hard-metal was a superior sort of pewter.

"One challice, a cross of copper & gilt, another cross of timber covered with brass, one cope of blue velvet embroidered with images of angles, one vestment of the same suit with an albe of Lockeram, two vestments of Dornexe, and three other very old, two old & coarse albes of Lockeram, two old copes of Dornexe, iiij altar cloths of linen cloth, two corporals with two cases whereof one is embroidered, two surplices, & one rochet, one bible & the paraphrases of Erasmus in English, seven banners of lockeram & one streamer all painted, three front cloths for altars whereof one of them is with panes of white damask & black satin, & the other two of old vestments, two towels of linen, iiij candlesticks of latten & two standertes before the high altar of latten, a lent vail before the high altar with panes blue and white, two candlesticks of latten and five branches, a peace, three great bells with one saunce bell xx, one canopy of cloth, a covering of Dornixe for the Sepulchre, two cruets of pewter, a holy-water pot of latten, a linen cloth to draw before the rood.

'Considerin' 'at I'm at sae muckle expense wi' ye baith, it wadna hae been ill-contrived to hae brocht the siller to me, an' latten me du wi' 't as I thocht fit. Gang na awa', laddie, she added, as she saw Robert about to leave the room. 'I'll be back in a minute, grannie, returned Robert. 'He's a fine lad, that! said Mr. Innes; 'an' guid 'll come o' 'm, and that 'll be heard tell o'.

I keep my good word to go with my good will, and a latten chain will become me as well as beaten gold." "Peace, Rose," said her lady; "you are over malapert to talk thus to the Lord Constable. And you, my lord," she continued, "permit me now to depart, since you are possessed of my answer to your present proposal.

I accordingly sent him two, but he only retained one, and came on board accompanied by his wife and several friends, bringing me a goat and two great roots, for which I gave him in return a latten basin, a white basin, six manillios and a bottle of Malmsey, and to his wife a small casket. After this we began to adjust our measure and weight.