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Loch Awe. 'Pope's talent lay remarkably in what one may naturally enough term the condensation of thoughts. I think no other English poet ever brought so much sense into the same number of lines with equal smoothness, ease, and poetical beauty. 'In Pope I cannot read a line But with a sigh I wish it mine; When he can in one couplet fix More sense than I can do in six.

In commenting on their failure, an Athenaeum critic has explained the pre-established fitness of the ottava rima the first six lines of which are a dance, and the concluding couplet a "breakdown" for the mock-heroic.

Voltaire,” he recalls their meeting onDorset Downs;” and it was in this year that Christopher Pitt, a gentleman-poet of those days, addressed anEpistle to Dr. Edward Young, at Eastbury, in Dorsetshire,” which has at least the merit of this biographical couplet: “While with your Dodington retired you sit, Charm’d with his flowing Burgundy and wit.”

It is not certain, however, that Hideyoshi composed this couplet, and probably the truth is that his labours as a soldier and a statesman prevented him from paying more than transitory attention to literature.

The rhyming couplet has set me to thinking, long and seriously, upon the duty of cheerfulness, a duty which we owe not only to our fellow-men, but to ourselves. It is such an uncomfortable thing to be miserable that I marvel that any sensible human being ever gives way to the inclination to look on the dark side of life.

The words were so agreeable to the prince of Persia's sentiments, that he could not forbear applauding her at the end of the couplet. "Is it possible," cried he, "that you have the gift of knowing people's hearts, and that the knowledge of what is passing in my mind has occasioned you to give us a taste of your charming voice by those words?

These are: the establishment of the heroic couplet as the fashion for satiric, didactic, and descriptive poetry; his development of a direct, serviceable prose style such as we still cultivate; and his development of the art of literary criticism in his essays and in the numerous prefaces to his poems.

He clapped his hand upon his knee, merrily, and sang a sentimental couplet from an old Irish ballad. "Have ye won her affection, boy?" he added, his hand on the boy's arm. "I think I have." "God love thee! I'm glad to hear it," said the old man. "She is a living wonder, boy, a living wonder, an' had I thy youth I'd give thee worry."

'And after all Nevil Beauchamp is very young, papa! of course I can keep a secret. The colonel exacted no word of honour, feeling quite sure of her. He whispered the secret in six words, and her cheeks glowed vermilion. 'But they will meet on Wednesday after this, she said, and her sight went dancing down the column of verse, of which the following trotting couplet is a specimen:

If, therefore, surprise has heretofore been excited at the conformity observable between our church institutions and those of the East, let it in future subside at the explicit announcement that Christianity, with us, was the revival of a religion imported amongst us many ages before by the Tuath-de-danaans from the East, and not from any chimerical inundation of Greek missionaries a revival upon which their hearts were lovingly riveted, and which Fiech, the Bishop of Sletty, unconsciously registers in the following couplet, viz.: "The Buddhists of Irin prophesied That new times of peace would come."