"Then we must have switched again, probably when we was arguin' about kindlin' the fire; then we must have turned again when the harness broke; and that must have fetched us into Lemuel Ellis' wood-lot road that comes out " "Eh? Lemuel Ellis' wood-lot? Why, Lemuel's wood-lot is at " "It's at Wellmouth Centre, that's where 'tis. No wonder that church looked familiar.

"They had some white posies on it," Caleb volunteered, tremblingly, when he got home. Deborah made no reply. "There was quite a lot there," added Caleb. "Go an' bring me in some kindlin' wood," said Deborah. Ephraim stood by, staring alternately at his father and mother. He had watched the funeral procession pass with furtive interest.

Uncle Braddock stood silent for a few minutes, and then he said: "Well, Mah'sr Harry, dis is jist de truf; dem ar boys, dey ses to me dat ef I come foolin' around dere any more, dey'd jist chop me up, ole wrapper an' all, and haul me off fur kindlin' wood. Dey say I was dry enough. An' dey needn't a made sich a fuss about it, fur I didn't trouble 'em much; hardly eber went nigh 'em.

He was the biggest man in Hope, and so swell-headed he wouldn't so much as pack a bucket of water all fall, or chop up a tie for kindlin' till the day after 'lection. And what was he then but a frazzled-out back number, that everybody give the laugh till he up and blowed his brains out! Any fool can run for President it's the feller that gits there that counts.

You'll spy, to-morrow, whar several trees has been wind-throwed and busted to kindlin'." I recalled that several, in the South, means many "a good many," as our own tongues phrase it. "Oh, shucks! Bill Cope," put in "Doc" Jones, "whut do you-uns know about windstorms? Now, I've hed some experiencin' up hyur that 'll do to tell about.

"I thought about the little thing all that mornin' layin' all alone up there in that room that wa'n't no bigger'n a coal-bin. It's bad enough to be sick anywheres, but it's like havin' both legs in a trap to be sick in New York. Towards noon I went into one o' the flats first floor front it was with the kindlin' barrel, an' I give the woman to understand they was somebody sick in the house.

No, sir-ee! I tell you there's a darky in this kindlin' pile. I'm goin' right down to see John this minute." He went, but, instead of helping the situation, he merely made it worse. He found John seated at his office desk apparently engaged in his old occupation, that of looking out of the window. The young man's face was pale and drawn, but his manner was perfectly calm.

You know the Roarin' Bull, as sticks his horns out o' water just to windward of us? the cruelest rock on the coast, he is, and the treacherousest: and the ship struck him full and fair on the starboard quarter, and in ten minutes she was kindlin' wood, as ye may say. The Lord rest their souls as went down in her! Amen!" "Amen!" said little Star, softly.

"And I know the respectable black folks in this town don't want that to happen any more than the respectable white people do. "Now then, Jeff, whut's at the bottom of all this I mean on your side of the color line? Who's stirrin' up old grudges and kindlin' new ones? I've sort of got my own private suspicions, but I'd like to see ef your ideas run along with mine.

I'd have swapped my horse and buggy for Noah's Ark that night and wouldn't have asked any boot neither. Did you see Mullet's bridge? Elnathan says he cal'lates he's got willow kindlin' enough to last him all summer. Ready split too the lightnin' attended to that. Lute Rogers don't talk about nothin' else.