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Tyrer was going to give him a very nice burying that all Upton folks were going and a good many from Thornleigh too it was to be "summat gradely" every one said. It was the kind of festivity which, as a rule, the Wainwrights much appreciated, but on this occasion they were rather affronted at being bidden to assist, and both the young men declared stoutly that they'd noan go if they knew it.

Austen, who had danced many a time before his shrine, had no objection whatever to the godlet, except only when he neglected to appear Olympianly, as divinity should, with a nimbus of rentrolls and gold. In view of the fact that he had come to Margaret in déshabille, that is to say without any discernible nimbus, he affronted Mrs. Austen's ambitious eyes. Of that she said nothing to Margaret.

I could not refuse her, for she is a dear little creature; as her father will go to London in a few days, you may ride over and see her without any fear of being affronted by any offers which he may make to you." "Well," replied Edward, "I have no great objection to see her again, for she was very kind to me; and as you say that the Intendant will not be there I perhaps may come.

There were even moments when she fancied herself vaguely to blame for her immunity, and felt that she ought somehow to have affronted the perils and hardships which refused to come to her.

A woman will do things when the lover is an acknowledged possession, which she would not have dreamed of doing while desiring to attract the man and a man likewise neither realising that the whole state of being in love is an intoxication of the senses, and that the senses are very easily wearied or affronted." "Stepan what am I going to do about Amaryllis?

Sidewise he looked at the ruin of the vase, on which Daughters of Heaven and an ablated dynasty may have warmed their eyes. It affronted his own. Insult, yes, that could be tossed about, but not art, not at least the relatively unique. With a crease in his lips which now were dry no longer, he looked at Cassy. The awaited tears were not yet visible.

"To be sure and sartin I does," answered little Dummie, walking to the table where the robber sat. "Does not you know I?" Ned regarded the interrogator with a sullen glance, which gradually brightened into knowledge. "Ah!" said he, with the air of a Brummel, "Mr. Bummie, or Dummie, I think, eh! Shake a paw, I'm glad to see you. Recollect the last time I saw you, you rather affronted me.

Rose caught it, and said, "Well, am I to be affronted any more?" "No, Rose. I came back to beg you to forget what passed just now," said he. Rose's eye flashed; his return showed her her power. She abused it directly. "How can I forget it if you come reminding me?" "Dear Rose, now don't be so unkind, so cruel I have not come back to tease you, sweet one.

I and my brethren are of those who, created out of the pure elementary fire, disdained, even at the command of Omnipotence, to do homage to a clod of earth, because it was called Man. Thou mayest have heard of us as cruel, unrelenting, and persecuting. It is false. We are by nature kind and generous; only vengeful when insulted, only cruel when affronted.

I wanted to go, but I felt that if I did, Bob would be affronted, so I gave way and let him lead, giving him a hoist or two as he seized the rope, and climbed, and scratched, and kicked, and got up half-way and then slid down again. "Here, Big," he shouted, "what's the good of bringing such a stupid little thin rope? It's no good." "Can't you get up?" cried Big. "No, nor anyone else. It's no use.

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