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He, Jimmie Dale, would see to that whatever the cost, whatever the consequences, if he had to choke and wring it from the man's lips. It was a surer way than trusting to the police it was the only sure way of reaching the end. The cost! The risk! What did it matter? What was cost, or risk! Her life was in the balance! He glanced quickly around him. Would it be as Smarlinghue to-night?

As the years passed, Huldy came less and less frequently to help in the kitchen, and the sisters' gowns grew more and more rusty and darned. Ralph, boylike, noticed nothing indeed, half the year he was away at school; but as the time drew near for the college course and its attendant expenses, the sisters were sadly troubled. "We might sell," suggested Tabitha, a little choke in her voice.

"One relief you must have had in the galleries," retorted Easelmann; "your all-round shirt-collar wouldn't choke you quite so much when your head was cocked back." Adonis-in-bag adjusted his polished all-rounder with a delicately gloved finger, and declared that the painter was "a jol-ly fel-low."

Now, darn you, if you talk that loud again I'll choke your wind off!" The words came with sinister earnestness, but they seemed to rouse some dormant strain of extraordinary courage in the man to whom they were addressed. He suddenly leaped from the tree and struck out with all the force at his command. But Rathburn had anticipated the attack.

Strong, well-preserved coverts, sound grass fields, flying fences, sometimes set on a low bank, sometimes without a bank, varied by an occasional brook, with now and then a fence big enough to choke off all but the "customers" such is the bill of fare for Fridays.

Then he rolled over and over, clawing at the chain, and squirming to get his head out of the collar. "He might choke hisself," said Hiram, "but mebbe he'll ease up if we stay away from him. Now we've got to rustle to skin them two bears." So, after giving me a hunting-knife, and telling me to fetch my rifle, he set off up the canyon.

It might have been horribly pathetic only that it was impossible that so much egotism and bitterness should not choke the sympathy of the listener. Molly had never told it to anyone before now, and, indeed, she had not realised several features of the case until quite lately.

"You can say that you lost it." "But your brother is so suspicious." "You ought to have had your wits about you," said Elsie, fretfully. "It is easy for you to talk!" exclaimed Elizabeth. "If you had been in my place, listening to those threats " "Stop, stop!" Elsie almost shrieked, hiding her face in her hands. "I am going into spasms I shall choke!" "But a crisis is near!" exclaimed Elizabeth.

Overhead were girders of steel from which depended heavy chains supporting hundreds of slanting tubes glowing with green fire. From somewhere in the inclosures came a voice in distress. It was the first time Dyckman ever heard Ferriday's voice, and it puzzled him as it cried: "Come on, choke her choke harder, you fool; you're not a masseur you're a murderer.

Things will come back to you soon and I'll help you all I can. Do try and recollect me Tims." There was an unmistakable choke in Tims's voice. "We have been such chums. The others are all pretty nasty to me sometimes they seem to think I'm a grinning, wooden Aunt Sally, stuck up for them to shy jokes at.

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