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Only when we had turned from the road, passed over a timbered ridge into a bowl in the mountains from which we could see neither Jahantsi Kure, the dugun nor the squirming grave of dying Mongols could we breathe freely again. Presently we discovered a large lake. It was Tisingol. Near the shore stood a large Russian house, the telegraph station between Kosogol and Uliassutai.

There was a baby on the ground, squirming on a piece of blanket, and a six-year-old child peered over Scott's shoulder. 'Hai, you little rip, said Scott, 'how the deuce do you expect to get your rations if you aren't quiet? A cool white hand steadied the brat, who forthwith choked as the milk gurgled into his mouth. 'Mornin', said the milker.

This thing will turn out like all the rest of our efforts. We'll collapse again with a loud report, but we're used to it and you're not." "But I'm only letting myself in for a couple of hundred," he protested. "I can stand that much of a loss without squirming." "You know your own business," she said shortly, almost ungraciously. "I'm only giving you a little advice."

Consequently, when the New York train pulled slowly out of the Denver Terminal, with Polly and her companions on board trying to get a last look of dear ones left on the platform of the station, the only glimpse to be had of Mr. and Mrs. Brewster was their squirming desperately, now this side, now that, of Sary's ponderous form.

It was precisely he with whom Jennka during the past winter had played either at maternal relations, or at dolls; and thrust upon him a little apple or a couple of bon-bons on his way, when he would be going away from the house of ill repute, squirming from shame.

I have seen strong men dropping right and left out of battle and squirming in their death-throes, I have seen them by scores blown into the air by bursting shells and their bodies torn asunder; believe me, the witnessing was as merrymaking and laughter and song to me in comparison with the way the sight of that poor child affected me. The whipping began.

"Scramble up on yoh dumplin' an' come 'long! Li'l Mesmie," he looked down at the girl, "you stan' right dar an' squint yoh eyes good, an' you'll see de hottes' Kentucky Derby ever run!" Bip led his pony to the horseblock, and by much squirming managed to wriggle on; then trotted over to Uncle Zack. "We're ready," he cried, his face alight with excitement. "How much start'll you give me?" "Staht!

Also, that frenzied gurgle from the victim's throat, his choking cry as the light struck him, the squirming body and up-rolling eyes told the boy scout that he was just in time; although the foam was pink upon Ruddy's lips and his congested head was a fire-ball, indeed, that brash head with all his chances in it. "Ha! "No Loyal Scout gives place to doubt, But action quick he shows!"

"'Cause if you do you can't go to the picnic!" finished Freddie, who was so interested in watching brother Bert make the little wooden ship that he forgot all about talking. "I'm just goin' to wiggle standin' up," Flossie said, and she did so, squirming about in delight at the fun which was soon to come. "Don't forget your 'g' letters!" called Nan, shaking her finger at her sister.

"None of that no squirming, now." Dave's clothes were soggy and dripping. He felt somewhat sore on one side of his head, but so far as he could figure it out he was not crippled; or seriously hurt. The young aviator cast his eyes about him to, learn that they were going through a patch of timber. Then came a meadow-like stretch, and then a thicket.