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In writing the libretto I had become acquainted with the actresses. The chief of them was a Roman named Pelliccia, neither pretty nor ugly, with a slight squint, and but moderate talents. Her younger sister was pretty if not handsome; but no one cared for the younger, while the elder was a universal favourite. Her expression was pleasant, her smile delightful, and her manners most captivating.

I feel I could have a too deliciously intimate conversation with a bullock now." The house of Higgins had an enormous hall to which a large number of high windows gave the impression of a squint. I should think two small Zeppelins could have danced a minuet under its dome.

I had another squint to see if anything was visible of the canoes and boats, and then kept on. I stopped with my head a foot from the surface, and tried to see where I was going, but, of course, nothing was to be seen but the reflection of the bottom. Then out I dashed, like knocking my head through a mirror.

'But where's the use of it? exclaimed Sponge; 'it'll do us no good, you know, praisin' Puff's pack, or himself, or anything about him. 'That's just the point, said Jack, 'that's just the point. I can make it answer both our purposes, said he, with a nudge of the elbow, and an inside-out squint of his eyes.

"We shall expect you, then, if we see the Zodiac still in the harbour," said Raby. "I see you've got a spy-glass there, let me take a squint at her. You carry six guns, I observe; and I must say I like the look of your craft." "Very necessary, too, in the places to which we trade," answered the master.

The effect of his spoken oratory is not preserved in his writings, and was no doubt in a considerable degree due to his striking appearance and fine voice. He is described as "a tall, athletic man, with dark, sallow complexion and commanding features; long, glossy black hair, and an obvious squint."

We're sure that Tom isn't dead, for the burial parties cleared up the field and didn't find him. We know too that he isn't on the hospital list. I got a squint at that no later than yesterday, and Tom's name isn't there. That seems to cut out everything except capture by the Huns, doesn't it?" "What else is there?" asked Bart gloomily.

Pierre le Petit." He made his search, and sailed down with his report as the sun reached the horizon. "A verra quiet joorney," he complained, "A' was hopin' for a squint at Mr.

The amatory David was a young man of an unconscious abstracted expression, which was due probably to a squint of superior intensity rather than to any mental characteristic; for he was not indifferent to Ben's invitation, but blushed and laughed and rubbed his sleeve over his mouth in a way that was regarded as a symptom of yielding.

A careful restoration some years ago brought to light several interesting details that had been hidden for some two hundred years or more; including a stairs to the rood-loft, a squint, and the piscina.

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