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Are our daily doings of such a nature as that the Spirit of God, which is symbolised by the oil, can come into our hearts; or are we quenching and grieving Him so that He 'Can but listen at the gate And hear the household jar within'? Desire, Expectancy, and Obedience these three must never be separated if we are to receive the gift of Himself, which God delights and waits to give.

Already she had wound her arm round the grieving mother already drawn her to the seat from which she herself had risen and bending over her had said some words true, conventional enough in themselves, but cooed forth in a voice the softest I ever expect to hear, save in dreams, on this side of the grave.

"And then the sister of the king of the snakes in great anxiety and grieving exceedingly, spoke unto him, saying, 'Be it so. And moved by the desire of doing good to her relatives, that damsel, of unsullied reputation, began to attend upon her lord with the wakefulness of a dog, the timidity of a deer, and knowledge of signs possessed by the crow.

The only playmates I ever had were camels and missionaries and a few brown babies and two white hens." He had not meant to talk in this grieving, childish fashion. But something about her brought his heart thoughts to his lips.

But he felt her sobs, and guessing that something was grieving her, he drew her gently to a seat. "Dear, dear child," cried he, anxiously, "tell me why you weep." "I weep because I see that my father loves revenge far more than his only child; and that he is willing to peril her soul by defiling it with wicked coquetry.

"I'm not so sure of that," he said; mournfully, as though grieving at the thought that there was no chance of currying favour with Lily by thrashing her late lover. "I don't pretend to know much about girls," said Lord De Guest; "but I should think it would be so.

The idea seemed a very plausible one, but it is scarcely necessary to state that, living in the same house, and frequently alone with her, it took about a week and a few dozen reproachful glances from grieving eyes to melt this artificial ice with a freshet of affection, and when, a couple of months later, he calmly reviewed the situation, he found himself involved perceptibly deeper than ever, on account of the attempt at extrication.

No one had seen any such group. "Does everyone in the houseboat crowd look as well as you do?" asked Tom, as they hurried along the street. "If they do, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Here we have been grieving ourselves to death, believing you were lost, and you have been having the jolliest kind of a lark on a little Robinson Crusoe island. You watch me go duck shooting there some day."

There the cathedral clergy buried it in a black stone coffin, ridged like the roof of a house, beneath the tower of the cathedral, many people looking on, but few grieving, and some deeming it shame that so wicked a man should be allowed to lie within a church.

"Let us not lose time in grieving," said his aunt, putting her hand upon his shoulder, "but let us do what we can to find him." "Yes, we will go," said Fritz, "for the longer we wait, the further away he will be," and he ran out, followed by his comrades. The first person they met was a carpenter with his tools upon his shoulder.