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He did not in the least doubt her love, but he knew that she had been associated, for a few weeks past, with two persons whose daily conversation would be prone to weaken the tone of her mind. He no more thought of giving her up than a man thinks of having his leg cut off because he has sprained his sinews.

She told herself that when she came upon a flaming golden maple in October she was content to know it was a maple, and to warm her soul at its blaze. There had been something in the Chicago Herald, though oh, yes; it had spoken of him as the brilliant young naturalist, Clarence Heyl. He was to have gone on an expedition with Roosevelt. A sprained ankle, or some such thing, had prevented.

At these words, Catinella, laughing heartily, said that she regretted the accident because it would deprive her friends of the pleasure they would have enjoyed in hearing me play the harpsichord. "I am glad to find it a laughing matter, cousin." "I laugh, because it reminds me of a sprained ankle which I once feigned to have in order not to dance."

They talked together rather mournfully as to what the winter might be going to mean for them. "If it knocks pantomimes, we are done," Grace Binning summed up the situation. But Grace Binning was inclined to be mournful; as Mrs. O'Malley said, her sprained ankle would keep her out of work in any case for six weeks. At Victoria Station Strachan ferreted out Joan's luggage and hailed a taxi for her.

With an effort the Canadian obeyed, the wolf-dog trotting beside him, Houston following, one hand locked about the buckle of the thinner man's belt, the other half supporting him as he limped and reeled through the snow. "It's my hip " The man's mind had gone to trivial things. "I sprained it about ten days ago. I'd been living over here with her up till the storm. Then I had to be at camp.

Randolph caught her, and she drooped limply against him. He laid her down gently, and at once she opened her eyes. Mrs. Albright was rubbing her hands. "You will be all right in a minute," she said cheerily. "I am all right now," Miss Sterling maintained. "How stupid of me to faint! I won't have a sprained ankle so there!" The rest laughed, though a little uncertainly.

Afterward Captain Bull Hargis said that never in his recollection of New York crowds had there been a crowd so hard to contend against or one so difficult to penetrate; he said this between gasps for breath while nursing a badly sprained thumb. The men under him agreed with him. The thing overpassed anything in their professional experiences. Several of them were veterans of the force too.

If the back muscles are sprained, then the same treatment should be applied, taking special care to stimulate with moist heat and rubbing the part of the spine on a level with the injury, where the roots of the nerves lie which supply the sprained muscles. Care must ever be taken to avoid giving pain to give pain is to increase the injury.

Hang tight to me, dear, and I'll help you up." It was a long walk for a freshly sprained ankle, and the whiteness of Kate's face stamped deeper into Marion's conscience the guilty sense of being to blame for it all. She had started in by teasing Kate over little things, just because Kate was so inquisitive and so lacking in any sense of humor.

You have been accused before the avogador, and M. Grimani has written to the war office to complain of your release from the fortress without his knowledge. I arrived at the office just in time. The secretary was reading Grimani's letter, and I assured his excellency that it was a false report, for I left you in bed this morning, suffering from a sprained ankle.