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That she might be certain those entrusted by her did not abuse her good intentions, she went often to the prison herself to see how they were served, and would sometimes enter into discourse with them concerning the battles they had been in, the settlement of Stanislaus, and many other things relating to the Polish affairs.

Receive then these laws with your best powers and with the eagerness of study, and show yourselves so learned as to be encouraged to hope that when you have compassed the whole field of law you may have ability to govern such portion of the state as may be entrusted to you.

It is all up with both of us, unless you can buy her off." "I have, madam," said I, at last, "ventured to prescribe in some trivial cases, and, as you say, receive money when my master is not here; but I am entrusted with the till." "I know I know you need not fear me. You are too modest.

In every laager at the front were young Boer vrouwen who, under the protection of the Red Cross, and indifferent, to the creed, caste, or country of the wounded and dying, assuaged the suffering of those who were entrusted to their care.

At Paris, Vienna, and Madrid, their wit and courtesy raised them to the favour of princes, over the jealousy of all their rivals. Important civil and diplomatic offices were entrusted to them embassies of peace and war the government of provinces, and the highest administrative offices of the state.

The war will have been a great benefit if it leads to the universal recognition of the plain fact that Jack of all trades is master of none, and that no branch of the public service can possibly be well directed unless its director is thoroughly conversant with the business with which he is entrusted.

The virtue of the pathetic ballad was in the chorus, which was usually not sung, but spoken, and so presented a noble opportunity for variety of tone and expression, which was greedily seized upon by the riotous young gentlemen into whose mouths it was entrusted.

She felt that she could no longer repose confidence in those whom she had once considered friends, and to whose care she had been entrusted by her absent brothers. As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey observed the cool indifference manifested by Fostina towards their son, their former kindness seemed changed to hatred and revenge.

I must do my duty to the parents of the boys entrusted to my care. I shall not flog you, sir, for I feel it would be useless. I shall expel you." "What!" Paul leaped up incredulous. "Expel me? Do I hear you aright, Dr. Grimstone? Say it again you will expel me?"

So much dramatic ability, however, was shown that Barne was entrusted with the work of producing a play, which, after many rehearsals conducted with due secrecy, was produced on June 25. This play was entitled 'The Ticket of Leave, 'a screaming comedy in one act, and was produced with unqualified success.