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"The rest of you scatter through the woods and try to come up with the thief. If any fellow comes upon him, give a whoop, and the rest of us will hurry along." The four scouts went off on the run. "Anything else missing?" asked Reade, as Dick looked among the supplies. "Yes," Prescott raged; "one of the bottles of Worcestshire sauce and two of the tins of corn.

Reade," rejoined the superintendent. Tom laughed as Harry added: "Let's hope that there are no poisonous reptiles among them. It would be rough on poisonous snakes to have Tom find them." Then the three horsemen turned the corner near the Mansion House. Superintendent Hawkins looked grave as he noted a crowd before the hotel. "Mr. Reade, I believe those men are there waiting to see you.

"Crazy as a porous plaster!" muttered Tom Reade under his breath. "It will be a new, a strange sensation," continued Garwood, speaking just loud enough to be heard by the onlookers. "A great sensation, too, to be master of the world when, during these present dark days, I am compelled to run and hide for fear envious scientists will succeed in capturing me and locking me up."

Clara and Susie went out for the first ride in the canoe, Tom Reade taking command, while Dick and Dave remained on the float. Two at a time the girls were taken out on the water. This consumed nearly two hours of time altogether, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by every member of the party. But at last it came close, indeed, to the luncheon hour.

Gage knew he could provoke the boy into firing, and then, when the boy missed, Gage drilled him through the head." "I don't want to say anything unkind, Jim," Reade went on, thoughtfully. "Please don't misunderstand me. But, as I understand the affair, if your brother hadn't been carrying a pistol he wouldn't have been killed?" "Perhaps not," Ferrers grudgingly admitted.

He meant to remain in London as long as his welcome lasted, and when he perceived a falling off in his audience, would close his season and go to the continent. His receipts averaged about three hundred dollars a night, whilst his expenses were not fifty dollars. "This, mind you," he used to say, "is in very hard cash, an article altogether superior to that of my friend Charles Reade."

Finbrink chuckled many a time over the remembrance of the pranks of his boyhood days. "But we had no Tom Reade in our crowd in those good old days," he repeated to himself several times. "If we had had a Tom Reade among us, I think we would have beaten any crowd of boys of to-day!" Meanwhile Tom's love of mischief was speeding him into other experiences ere he reached his bed that night.

The dog permitted himself to be held while Tom Reade pried open the jaws of the steel fox trap, the chain to which the pup had dragged over the ground. "That's a queer accident," commented Greg Holmes. "Accident?" flamed Harry. "This thing is no accident. It was done on purpose, and I wouldn't need but one guess to name the two-legged cur that did this!"

She wrote verses in it and they were lovely; and she wrote descriptions of the old garden which she loved very much. Miss Reade said that everything in the garden, plot or shrub or tree, recalled to her mind some phrase or verse of her Aunt Una's, so that the whole place seemed full of her, and her memory haunted the walks like a faint, sweet perfume.

Mothers can't take these examinations, but mothers know what a son's suspense means. Dick and Dave met at the station a full twenty minutes before train time. Tom Reade Bosses the Job "Ugh!" shivered Dave, as the chums met on the platform. "It's cold out here!" "Come inside, then, and get warm. But you're a great athlete, to mind an ordinary December morning," laughed Dick Prescott.