I have no right to be surprised, with a head upon my shoulders, and memory in it, that I fall into the ranks with all who came before me. I ought to have let it alone. I have had warning enough, I am sure. With that he put up his spectacle-case, and said to Arthur, 'If I don't complain, Mr Clennam, I can feel gratitude; and I assure you that I feel it towards our mutual friend.

Mr Miller inspected the message, felt for his spectacle-case, found it, opened it, took out his glasses, replaced the spectacle-case, felt for his handkerchief, polished the glasses, replaced the handkerchief, put the glasses on, and read. A blank look came into his face. "Why?" he enquired.

While my cab was taking me through Trafalgar Square I kept laughing and prattling and shaking my spectacle-case as if it were a rattle. And when the maid in my boarding-house had served my meal I kept pouring spoonfuls of soup into my ear with all the artlessness of childhood." "It is by such results," adds MacSilly, "that the excellence of a work of art is proved."

To this day, on hot summer Sundays, many a staid old daughter of the Puritans may be seen entering the village meeting-house, clad in a lilac-sprigged lawn or a green-striped barege, a scanty-skirted, surplice-waisted relic of past summers, with a lace-bordered silk cape or a delicate, time-yellowed, purple and white cashmere scarf on her bent shoulders, wearing on her gray head a shirred-silk or leghorn bonnet, and carrying in her lace-mitted hand a fresh handkerchief, her spectacle-case and well-worn Bible, and a great sprig of the sweet, old-fashioned "lad's-love."

The old man fumbled in his pocket, from which he drew a shagreen spectacle-case, as substantial looking as himself, and, planting the spectacles firmly on his heavy nose, he held out his hand to Jan. "There," said he, "take me where ye will. To bonnie Elf-land, if that's your road, where withered leaves are gold." Jan ran round willingly to take the hand of his new friend.

He had a spectacle-case in his hand, which he turned over and over while he was thus in question, with a certain free use of the thumb that is never seen but in a hand accustomed to tools. 'You keep with us, said Mr Meagles, in a threatening kind of Way, 'and I'll introduce you presently. Now then!

'The spectacle-case forestalled me in giving you a lecture on sparing our nerves. Don't look so very full of compunction it is only a trick which your mother would have stopped at five years old, and which you can soon stop for yourself. 'Thank you, I will! said Guy; 'I hardly knew I did it, but I am very sorry it has teased you.

Kind of kept the view for you," said Father, with panting gallantry, fairly falling over himself as he rushed across the floor to pull out their chairs and straighten the table-cloth. Mrs. Carter paid no attention to him whatsoever. She drew a spectacle-case from her small hand-bag and set upon her beetling nose a huge pair of horn-rimmed eye-glasses.

The paper's very yellow and old, and I think " his voice grew treacherous, and he could scarcely command it "I think it must have lain there unnoticed for some years." He held it out rustling and shaking in his hand. Ezra, breathing hard and short, accepted it, and began to grope in his pockets for his spectacle-case.

"Mind that you set a stool for his gouty foot," says Algy, feeling for his faint mustache, "and run and search for his spectacle-case, when he has mislaid it." "Seriously," say I, "what a grand thing it would be for the family if he were to adopt you, Barbara!" "Or me," suggests the Brat, standing before the fire with his coat-tails under his arm. "Why not me?