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No allonging and marshonging here! 'A different kind of beauty, indeed! said Clennam, looking about him. 'But, Lord bless me! cried Mr Meagles, rubbing his hands with a relish, 'it was an uncommonly pleasant thing being in quarantine, wasn't it? Do you know, I have often wished myself back again? We were a capital party. This was Mr Meagles's invariable habit.

Arthur Clennam had made his unavailing expedition to Calais in the midst of a great pressure of business.

'Well, well! he said. 'A mistake, a mistake! Turning away, he sat down with a heavy sigh in the faded chair again. Young John followed him with his eyes, and, after a short pause, cried out, 'I beg your pardon! 'Freely granted, said Clennam, waving his hand without raising his sunken head. 'Say no more. I am not worth it.

'If I do not speak of mama, said Pet, more moved by, and more pretty in, her innocent grief, than Clennam could trust himself even to consider for which reason he counted the trees between them and the fading light as they slowly diminished in number 'it is because mama will understand me better in this action, and will feel my loss in a different way, and will look forward in a different manner.

'Please to light the candle, Flintwinch, Mrs Clennam was saying, apparently wishing to draw him back into their usual tone. 'It is nearly time for tea. Little Dorrit is coming, and will find me in the dark. Mr Flintwinch lighted the candle briskly, and said as he put it down upon the table: 'What are you going to do with Little Dorrit? Is she to come to work here for ever?

Clennam had stopped, not for the first time by many times, to look about him and suffer what he saw to sink into his soul, as the shadows, looked at, seemed to sink deeper and deeper into the water. He was slowly resuming his way, when he saw a figure in the path before him which he had, perhaps, already associated with the evening and its impressions. Minnie was there, alone.

It was the man; the man he had followed in company with the girl, and whom he had overheard talking to Miss Wade. With no defined intention of following him, but with an impulse to keep the figure in view a little longer, Clennam quickened his pace to pass the twist in the street which hid him from his sight. On turning it, he saw the man no more.

Mr Clennam had two things to do before he followed; one, to offer his testimonial to the Father of the Marshalsea, without giving pain to his child; the other to say something to that child, though it were but a word, in explanation of his having come there. 'Allow me, said the Father, 'to see you down-stairs. She had slipped out after the rest, and they were alone.

'I am off the Lock, Mr Clennam, and going out. Can I do anything for you? 'Many thanks. Nothing. 'You'll excuse me opening the door, said Mr Chivery; 'but I couldn't make you hear. 'Did you knock? 'Half-a-dozen times.

Not only that evening, but for several succeeding evenings, Clennam was quite charmed by this investigation.