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And when you stand before God's altar, and the priest joins your hands, think of me, and do not forget that I loved you, dearest Elza, better than any once else on earth. And now, farewell, Elza; I shall not kiss you again, for it makes my heart heavy." "Lizzie, Lizzie!" shouted a powerful voice outside at this moment; "Lizzie, where are you? 'Tis time to set out!"

But first you must look at me, Elza, and you must show me your dear face; otherwise I won't tell you the good news I have got for you." Elza dropped her hands from her face, and looked, smiling amid her tears, into Eliza's countenance, which seemed now again entirely calm and serene.

"No, sir; an honest Tyrolese girl never kisses any man but the one whose wife she is to be. You see, therefore, that I cannot give you a kiss. Go, sir. But have you no commissions to give me for your uncle and my dear Elza?" "Greet them both; tell them that I love you, Eliza, and that you rejected my proposals."

And from it, a mantle of shimmering blue fabric hung down her back. Tarrano said: "What are you doing up here? I told you to wait below." Her face showed no emotion. But there was a glitter to her eyes, a glow in their grey depths like alumite in the hydro-flame of a torch. She said slowly: "Master, I think it would be very correct if you would let me stay here and serve the Lady Elza.

Through the insulated tube, from a public cookery occasional hot dishes were passing our dining room for us to take if we wished. But we had touched none of them. From the food stock on hand, Elza had cooked our two simple meals. But now, with Elza asleep, Georg left me and returned in a moment with steaming cups of taro. We drank it silently, still waiting. Argo still paced the bridge on guard.

Elza had remained with her young husband in Innspruck, where her father died on the following day; and after the old Baron had been buried, Elza had accompanied her husband to Munich.

And I commence by loving you with intense ardor, by desiring and longing for nothing, and thinking of nothing but you alone. Oh, Eliza, believe me, I love you intensely by far more than Elza, more than your parents, more than all your friends together." "More, perhaps, but not better," she said, shaking her head, and gently withdrawing her hand from him.

It was a night of rejoicing throughout the Great City; and on every mirror in the Empire it was pictured for those who could not be present. A time of rejoicing. Yet then as always those days my heart was heavy. Elza was held by Tarrano. We knew he had taken her to the City of Ice. There was of course, no radio communication with the Cold Country.

A whim of this Tarrano; perhaps a strain of vanity that Elza should see and hear of these events. So much had occurred already during those hours of our trip over the Polar ocean and back that we scarce could fathom it. But gradually we pieced it together. Underlying it all, Tarrano's dream of universal conquest was plain. In the Venus Cold Country he had started his wide-flung plans.

And out in the forest lay a great pile of ashes, still exhaling a thin wisp of its deadly breath where Tarrano had created the Black Cloud; lost his captive Elza, but doubtless had escaped himself back to his City of Ice. We found Georg and Maida safe at Industriana. Marvelous city! Elza had never seen it before. She sat gazing breathless as from the air on the patrol vessel, we approached it.