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That I do not charge him, sir, without reason, or invent accusations only to obstruct his measures, or to gratify my own resentment; that I do not eagerly catch flying calumnies, prolong the date of casual reproaches, encourage the malignity of the envious, or adopt the suspicions of the melancholy; that I do not impose upon myself by a warm imagination, and endeavour to communicate to others impressions which I have only received myself from prejudice and malignity, will be proved from the review of his conduct since the beginning of our dispute with Spain, in which it will be found that he has been guilty, not of single errours, but of deliberate treachery; that he has always cooperated with our enemies, and sacrificed to his private interest the happiness and the honour of the British nation.

Though the Americans invent the most delicate forms of machinery, their hoop-iron knives, silver plated for facility in cleaning, are hardly calculated to tackle anything harder than butter, and compel the beef-eater to return to the tearing methods of his remotest ancestors.

"Invented anything new?" asked Ned as he gave his order to the waitress. "No, nothing since the egg-beater I was telling you about. But I'm working on some things." "Why don't you invent an automobile or an airship?" "Maybe I will some day, but, speaking of autos, did you see the one Andy Foger has?" "Yes; it's a beaut! Have you seen it?" "Altogether at too close range.

For the superdreadnought is reposing behind the nets, the battle-cruiser ignominiously laying mines; and for the present at least, until some wizard shall invent a more effective method of annihilation, victory over Germany depends primarily on the airplane and the destroyer.

They make the mistake, our modern free-versifiers, of thinking that Art can be founded on the Negation of Form. Art can be founded on every other Negation. But not on that one never on that one! Certainly they have a right to experiment; to invent if they can new forms. But they must invent them. They must not just arrange their lines to look like poetry, and leave it at that.

It presents one of the most startling and infernal images of hatred that humanity could invent; it pictures admirably the magnetic and terrible working in the occult world of a constant malevolent desire surrounding the person doomed to death; the effects of which on the person are exhibited by the figure of wax.

The devil himself could not invent any machine calculated to act on the nerves of a horse like this. Jack took one look and then dashed into the woods, scraping off his rider's hat but did not succeed in getting rid of his burden or knocking down any trees.

Both were very angry, and kept twitting one another with every aggravation they could invent, as they scolded and scuffled, presenting a most unlovely spectacle.

And in that stateFEETIda makes us pack over the whole top layer in three hundred and fifty boxes. Curses on Lena and herdopes.” Or curses on me that I could so suddenly invent such picturesque love affairs that Lena forgot all about cardboards. About then my locker key falls through a hole in my waist pocket and on to the floor and out of sight.

The proud city, ornamented with stately buildings, as became the capital of the world, showed a succession of glittering spires and orders of architecture, some of them chaste and simple, like those the capitals of which were borrowed from baskets-full of acanthus; some deriving the fluting of their shafts from the props made originally to support the lances of the earlier Greeks forms simple, yet more graceful in their simplicity, than any which human ingenuity has been able since to invent.