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We did 4 miles this morning in 4 hours 20 min. we may hope for 3 this afternoon, 7 × 6 = 42. We shall be 47 miles from the depot. I doubt if we can possibly do it. The surface remains awful, the cold intense, and our physical condition running down. God help us! Not a breath of favourable wind for more than a week, and apparently liable to head winds at any moment. Wednesday, March 14.

I ain't a-going to trouble myself with it, I can tell yez. I brung up a boy that my sister left and he skinned out as soon as he got to be some good and won't give me a mite o' help in my old age, ungrateful whelp as he is. I told Min it'd have to be sent to an orphan asylum till we'd see if Jim ever came back to look after it. Would yez believe it, she didn't relish the idee.

A breeze stirred the mulga and brought the sound of a good voice singing in the surveyors' camp: Should old acquaintance be forgot And never brought to min'? Should old acquaintance be forgot And the days of Auld Lang Syne? "That damned old tune will upset the Oracle for the rest of the night," I said. "Now, there's the Oracle," said Mitchell.

"When you are cool again, Lorton," he said to me, with an expression of amiability and mingled pity on his face, that made him look to me like Mephistopheles, "you will, I know, be sorry for what you've said; and when you learn good manners I will be glad to speak to you again!" and, he walked back to the church, with the air of a person who had been deeply injured, but who had yet the magnanimity to forgive if he could not forget wishing adieu to our little party, of whom none but Min had overheard what I had said, with his usual cordiality, as if nothing had happened to disturb him.

She did not add that she had shown such an aptitude for study, and had proved so efficient and trustworthy that Mrs. Wilson had decided to give her the best advantages to fit her for a profession. As they passed the open door of the room occupied by Landis Stoner and Min Kean, the voices of the girls came to them.

No!" from the congregation. "No, no," pursued the preacher, "I wasn't a-shirkin' ner I wasn't a-lazy, but the soul within me was a wo'kin' wid the min', an' as we all gwine ter do some day befo' long, early in de mornin', I done fu'git this ol' body. My haid fall on my breas', my eyes close, an' I see visions of anothah day to come.

"Na, Peter; love gars a man luik up, no doon at his ain feet! It gars him fling his heid back, and set his een richt afore him no turn them in upo his ain inside! It maks a man straucht i' the back, strong i' the airm, and bauld i' the hert. Didna it you, Peter?" "Maybe it did; I dinna min' vera weel. But I see love can hardly be the thing that's amiss wi' the lad.

Why, there you will have another hundred a-year at once added to your income, besides what you make from your literary work! In a short time you will be quite `an eligible person, I do declare!" she said, laughing away my fit of the blues, in her bright brisk way. "And do you think Min will wait for me?" "Certainly, Frank. You wrong her by the very question.

And the time was come when the captain and I must part, he to go back to his fair Belzoond in sight of the distant peaks of the Hian Min, and I to find my way by strange means back to those hazy fields that all poets know, wherein stand small mysterious cottages through whose windows, looking westwards, you may see the fields of men, and looking eastwards see glittering elfin mountains, tipped with snow, going range on range into the region of Myth, and beyond it into the kingdom of Fantasy, which pertain to the Lands of Dream.

"While I was a-turnin' ober in my min' de subjec' ob dis sarmon, dere come ter me a bit ob Scripter wot I heerd at a big preachin' an' baptizin' at Kyarter's Mills, 'bout ten year' ago.