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"It's a sack of some kind, isn't it?" she asked. "Yes," Hawtrey answered, "it's a couple of three-bushel bags. Some special seed Lorton sent to Winnipeg for. Ormond brought them out from the railroad. I promised I'd take them along to him." "You should have told me. It's most a league round by Lorton's place," Sally returned with reproach in her voice. "That won't take long with this team.

"That may be quite true, my dear," she said; "but, as you know, and as Mr Lorton is probably also aware although he is very young to have as yet mixed much in the world" cut number two! "it is not quite correct for young ladies to receive presents, however trifling, from gentlemen who are, comparatively, strangers to them, and to whom they have been but barely introduced!" cut three!

Tulliver paid a high price in Tom's initiatory months at King's Lorton. That respectable miller and maltster had left Tom behind, and driven homeward in a state of great mental satisfaction. He considered that it was a happy moment for him when he had thought of asking Riley's advice about a tutor for Tom. Mr.

The proposal which you have done my daughter and myself the honour to suggest, necessitates my making such delicate inquiries, you know." "I do not earn very much by my pen, as yet, Mrs Clyde," I answered "but, I hope to do more in a little time, when my name gets recognised. I'm only a beginner as yet." "Well, if you would take my advice, Mr Lorton, you would remain so.

She then showed me the identical violets I had given her that Christmas morning, now so long passed by: she had tipped the stalks with sealing wax and preserved them in cotton wool, so that they looked as fresh as when first gathered. "There!" she said, with an air of triumph. "There, Mr Lorton! I have kept them ever since." "Mr Lorton!" I repeated, "who is he? I don't know him."

Well, you wouldn't have supposed that he bore me any great love or friendship, or felt kindly disposed towards me? But, he did! About a week after I left the Obstructor General's Office, he came to me I assure you, much to my astonishment offering me his assistance. "Bai-ey Je-ove! Lorton," said he, "sawy to he-ah you have left us, you know ah. Thawght you might be in a hole, you know ah?

"Yes, Mr Lorton," she replied, "to the best of my belief it is; for, I have heard, on the most unimpeachable authority, that she is engaged to Mr Mawley. He is always going there, you know." "But that is no proof, ma," said Bessie Dasher, who, as I have hinted before, was suspected of a slight tenderness towards the curate. "Mr Mawley is always coming here, too!"

The style of preaching he had chosen was the extemporaneous, which was held little short of the miraculous in rural parishes like King's Lorton. Some passages of Massillon and Bourdaloue, which he knew by heart, were really very effective when rolled out in Mr.

Thus poor Tom, though he saw very clearly through Maggie's illusions, was not without illusions of his own, which were to be cruelly dissipated by his enlarged experience at King's Lorton.

I succumbed completely before this master-stroke of policy, which my wary antagonist had not disclosed until the last. "Oh! Mrs Clyde," I said; "how very hard you are to me!" "Pardon me, Mr Lorton," she replied, as suave as ever. "But, you will think differently by-and-by, and thank me for acting as I have done!

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