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After her departure, Penrod expended some finalities of eloquence upon Duke, then disgustedly gathered him up in his arms, dumped him into the basket and, shouting sternly, "All in for the ground floor step back there, madam all ready, Jim!" lowered dog and basket to the floor of the storeroom.

If you can't vote them shoot them." "Bloody revolution, it cannot be!" "All right, no revolution," Jason said, getting up and wiping his hands disgustedly. "We'll change the name. How about calling it a prison break? No, you wouldn't like that either. I have it liberation! We are going to strike the chains off these poor people and restore them to the lands from which they were stolen.

"Shut up!" Brodie cried again disgustedly. "You ain't dead yet, are you? So's you keep your lying face closed I'll give you one show. Step lively; where is it?" Gratton, like a hound in leash suddenly freed, turned and sped toward the spot where he had hid the gold. Brodie, his rifle shifting in his hands, leaped after him, keeping close to him.

They sat upright on sacks of grain; they scampered across the sidewalks; they scuttled from behind boxes; they rustled and squeaked and fought and played in countless droves. The ground seemed alive with them. It was a most astonishing sight. "And will you look at that dog!" cried Yank disgustedly. Across an open doorway, blinking in the sun, lay a good-looking fox terrier.

But the artistic certificates are not yet home from the engravers. Take your time. Maybe a relative will die." "Talbot," said I disgustedly, "if I hadn't happened to smell your breath before supper I'd think you drunk." "I am drunk, old deacon," rejoined Talbot, "but with the Wine of Enchantment do you know your Persian? No?

The other was aghast. "Wen did youse go nuts?" he asked. "I ain't gone nuts. Wait 'til I gets t'rough. We meets de dicks, innocent-like; but first we caches de dough in de woods. We tells 'em we hurried right on to lead 'em to dis Byrne guy, an' wen we gets back here to de farmhouse an' finds wot's happened here we'll be as flabbergasted as dey be." "Oh, nuts!" exclaimed the other disgustedly.

Shanghai, the hostler, appeared at the head of the chute leading a large, coal-black horse. "Well, for Heaven's sake!" muttered the Kid, moving nearer the fence, his eyes glued on the black stranger. "Where did you pick up that fellow?... One white forefoot. H-m-m!... Say, you don't mean to tell me this is Fairfax?" Old Man Curry nodded. "Fairfax!" ejaculated the Bald-faced Kid disgustedly.

Meantime the jury, highly edified at this illustration of the administration of justice, gazed down upon the spectacle from the stairs. "This farce has gone far enough!" declared Judge Bender disgustedly. "We will return to the court room. Put those roosters back where they belong!" Once more the participants ascended to Part IX and Ah Fong took his seat in the witness chair.

Roscoe pulled away the shrubbery where the German had been kneeling when he was struck and there was revealed a great hogshead, larger, Tom thought, than any he had ever seen. "That's the kind of weapons they fight with," Roscoe said, disgustedly. "Look here," he added, pulling the foliage away still more. "Don't touch it. See? It leads down from another one. It's poison."

McLean and the Bird Woman I'm after being THAT happy that I can't keep me thoughts on me notes. It's more than sorry I am to be disappointing you. Play it over, and I'll be beginning again, and this time I'll hold hard." "Well," said the Angel disgustedly, "it seems to me that if I had all the things to be proud of that you have, I'd lift up my head and sing!"

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