Every other dramatic form he despised." It is curious to think of the schoolboy, the born Romanticist, labouring at these things, while Gerard de Nerval, and Victor Hugo, and Theophile Gautier, and Petrus Borel were boys also boys of the same ambitions, and with much the same romantic tastes. Stoddart had, luckily, another love besides the Muse.

How glad, on the other hand, was I to see your indications and hints worked up into an intelligent sketch by a Frenchman who is so much further removed from me. This has been done by Nerval, in the feuilleton of the Presse. Many mistakes occur, but that does not matter. The man has formed for himself from your utterances a picture of me which at least indicates clearly and distinctly my intention.

None of them probably knew much of Gautier, De Nerval, Borel, le lycanthrope, and the other boys in that boyish movement of 1830. It was only Stoddart, unconsciously in sympathy with Paris, and censured by his literary friends, who produced the one British Romantic work of 1830.

"To the unknown heroine" I dedicate my respect, as the Athenians dedicated an altar to "the unknown hero." Will you be the heroine? I am afraid you won't! To Miss Girton, Cambridge. Dear Miss Girton, Yes, I fancy Gerard de Nerval is one of that rather select party of French writers whom Mrs. Girton will allow you to read. But even if you read him, I do not think you will care very much for him.

She prepared dinner for them, and sent De Nerval for the girl, who had gone to ransack the peasant treasures in the garret. Two portraits were hanging there one that of a young man of the good old times, smiling with red lips and brown eyes, a pastel in an oval frame.

Gautier, as a poet, Delacroix as a painter, affect the East, as Oehlenschlaeger does in Ali and Gulhyndi. Steffens and Sibbern, as influenced by Schelling, correspond to Cousin. Hauch not infrequently seeks his poetic themes in Germany, as do Nodier and Gerard de Nerval. Oehlenschlaeger's tragedies correspond to the dramas of Victor Hugo.

While these thoughts flashed through my mind we were rapidly approaching Cairo, Cairo, of which I had talked so often with poor Gérard de Nerval, with Gustave Flaubert, and Maxime Du Camp, whose tales had excited my curiosity to the highest pitch.

I know I explain badly and confusedly, but this is the way it is: I possess you when and how I please, just as, for a long time, I have possessed Byron, Baudelaire, Gérard de Nerval, those I love " "You mean ...?" "That I have only to desire them, to desire you, before I go to sleep...." "And?"

He took it to the white cities of the Genoese Gulf, towards the palm trees of Hyeres, or the red bay trees of Antheor. After several tragic weeks in which, from instinct, he made a desperate fight, on the 1st of January, 1892, he felt he was hopelessly vanquished, and in a moment of supreme clearness of intellect, like Gerard de Nerval, he attempted suicide.

After this broadside permit me to quote a verse of Gérard de Nerval: "Il est un air pour qui je donnerais Tout Rossini, tout Mozart, et tout Weber, Un air très-vieux, languissant et funèbre, Qui pour moi seul a des charmes secrets." And now let us dispassionately, if possible, regard the evidence.