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This justice has its foundation only in the fitness of things, which demands a certain satisfaction for the expiation of an evil action. The Socinians, Hobbes and some others do not admit this punitive justice, which properly speaking is avenging justice.

The portrait of Hobbes of Malmesbury, as an old man, hangs near that of Sir Thomas Browne. It is a curious contrast between the imaginative and the unimaginative philosopher, between the student of innumerable books, and the cynic who declared that "he should know as little as other men, if he had read as many books."

‘Every good woman is by nature a mother, and finds best in maternity her social and moral salvation. She shall be saved in child-bearing.’ GRANT ALLEN. ‘Children are a man’s power and his honour.’ HOBBES. ‘Marriage is therefore rooted in family rather than family in marriage.’ WESTERMARCK.

You remember what old Hobbes says: "Homo malus, puer robustus"? There was more truth in it in his day than in ours. It's natural for a boy to be a good deal of a savage, but our civilisation is doing its best to change that. Why, not long ago the lad asked me whether fishing wasn't cruel. He evidently felt that it was, and so do I; but I couldn't say so.

'I am sorry for your republic, said Hobbes, 'for if they send you to me in that capacity, they either want me or are afraid of me: men have but two motives for their applications interest and fear; but the latter is in my opinion most predominant. I told him that my commission extended no farther than to make him their compliments and to enquire after his health.

Lycurgus went farther; he forbade individual possession, and tried to absorb the man in the State, annihilating liberty the better to preserve equilibrium. Hobbes, deriving, and with great reason, legislation from the state of war, arrived by another road at the establishment of equality upon an exception, despotism. His book, so much calumniated, is only a development of this famous antithesis.

The creative fancy in this instance, what Hobbes called the FICTION of the mind, has a very simple task to work upon: achieving the imaginary satisfaction of unadjusted feelings regarding the mental conflict between histology and reflexology.

Bacon was a man of a wide outlook, a rich, stimulating, impulsive nature, filled with great plans, but too mobile and desultory to allow them to ripen to perfection; Hobbes is slow, tenacious, persistent, unyielding, his thought strenuous and narrow.

Trollolop we delight in pronouncing that soft liquid name was eminently distinguished by a love of metaphysics, metaphysics were in a great measure the order of the day; but Fate had endowed Mr. Trollolop with a singular and felicitous confusion of idea. Reid, Berkeley, Cudworth, Hobbes, all lay jumbled together in most edifying chaos at the bottom of Mr.

Their conscience had no fastenings, how could their doctrines excite to moral virtue? How much better are the principles of modern infidels? Bolingbroke’s morality is all embraced in self-love. Hobbes claims that the only basis of right and wrong is the civil law. Rousseau says all the morality of actions is in the judgement we ourselves form of them.